Career Unit-Pediatrician -Finny Joy

Why I want to be a pediatrician

Personality Test and my Expository

I m Gold.

I follow rules and respect authority.

I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life.

I value home,family and traditions.

If I could choose a career unit job.I would choose the job in a medical field.This job is good for my personality like they give more opportunities and it is a extrovert job.They perform diagnostic tests to obtain information of the patient's medical condition and administer treatments, therapies, medications and vaccinations to treat illness, disorders or injuries. They also treat children who are suffering from minor injuries, acute and chronic health problems, and physiological and psychological growth and developmental concerns.

Results and Job Explanation

  • 1. Realistic- 40
  • 2. Investigative- 28
  • 3. Artistic- 38
  • 4. Social- 40
  • 5. Enterprising- 27
  • 6. Conventional- 35

People with Social interst like working with others to help them learn and grow. They like working with people more than working with objects,machines or infornantion.

They Like

  • Teaching
  • Giving advice
  • Helping and bring of service to people

Top job choices

  1. Community Healthy workers.
  2. Music Therapist.
  3. Critical Care Nurse.
  4. Registered Nurse.
  5. Anthrapology and Archaeology Teachers.
  6. Biological Science Teachers.
  7. Criminal Justice and law enforcement Teachers.
  8. Economics Teachers.
  9. Law Teachers,post secondary.
  10. Pediatrician,General.

This is my top career choices.I choose this job this is a extrovert job like me.This job give me more opportunities And caring kids.

Education and school

Doctor Degree or post-doctoral training

I selected 3 school and my top school is California state university Los Angeles .This is a good school I can stay in my cousins house and study their and they have a low tution fees.

School explanation

I choose the school name called California state university Los Angeles. I choose this school because the tution fees is low and my cousin are their in LA so that I can stay their house and go to college.And the school has their own hospital in LA and so that I can work there

My Budget and Explanation

My job is a medical field as a pediatrician ,general.This job has 163,350 dollars which is a big salary for me. My expenses cost 58,019 annual a it is a lot of money that I can I get 105,331 dollar I can save that much money after my loan and everything.