August 2022

Principal's Message

Parents & Students:

As we approach the opening of school on September 6th, the BCIT staff and administration want to make sure that you have all the information that you need for a successful start of the school year. This newsletter is packed with important "Start of School" information so please read through carefully and complete all requested information within the Genesis Parent Portal. Below you will find detailed instructions for accessing the Parent Portal.

For all our new families to BCIT, transportation information will be forwarded to you from your home school district in the very near future. BCIT does not determine pick-up times or locations, as all transportation information is provided by your home district. Please direct all questions and concerns to your home district’s transportation department. I have provided each District's Transportation Office contact information within the newsletter for your convenience.

Also, parents that drop-off their children at BCIT in the morning, the building will be open for students promptly at 7:50am. Students are to be dropped off in front of the building by the flagpole and enter through the doors by the Medford sign. DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE MAIN OFFICE. There will be a staff member at the student entrance door to allow the students to enter.

Enjoy the last few weeks of the summer and please feel free to contact BCIT if you have any questions as you prepare for the upcoming school year.

Thank you,

Mike Parker

Principal BCIT Medford


Attendance Policy

Every student is expected to be in school every day, all day. Should the student be absent in excess of six unexcused days per semester, then he/she will be placed on non-credit status. Students who exceed a total of nine or more days with excused or unexcused absences from school for the semester will not be eligible for noncredit remediation, and may be referred to the Superintendent for consideration for referral to the Board of Education for action.

Partial absences caused by lateness to school or early departure from school will be counted toward non-credit. Each partial absence will be equal to at least .25 of a day. Four (4) such partial absences shall equal one (1) day absence for the purpose of non-credit.

All excused absences require written documentation to verify the nature of the absence. Parent letters excusing a student for attendance purposes are not acceptable. Medical notes need to be from a medical professional. Please review the policy below regarding approved excused days. If your son/daughter is dealing with a prolonged medical issue, please communicate with your guidance counselor and we can work together to develop a plan.

Important Update:

Absences due to quarantine requirements will not be counted against a student. Students will be required to complete and submit work during this time period, but the absences will not count against the students attendance.

Click here to review the Updated District Attendance Policy


School Lunch Information

IMPORTANT: Below is the link FY 2023 Free and Reduced Price Meal Application packet. This information is also located on our website under Parent/Students. We are asking that you complete the Free and Reduced Form, as there are other benefits to families that are attached to the form (SAT; AP Testing; College Applications)

Click the button below to go to the School Lunch Web Page

Free & Reduce Lunch Information Link

This will link you to the School Lunch Web Page


Reminder...No outside Food or Beverages...No Door Dash!

Students and Parents are reminded that outside food or beverages are not permitted to be dropped off at school through the main office during the school day.

Food Deliveries are also not permitted for after school activities unless permitted by the advisor. Detention and Non-Credit sessions are not permitted to have food delivered at anytime!



New incoming students and parents will receive an e-mail with their account information.

E-mails will come from genesis@bcit.cc. Please add this address to your safe sender list. The email will be sent to the email address provided during the admissions process.

Back-to-School forms are open in the Parent Portal along with student schedules.

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Parent Portal - How to Read and Submit Forms

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Student Schedule are available in Genesis!!!!

Once you have completed all the required items in the Parent Portal, please have your child log into Genesis and review their schedule. If there are any issues regarding their schedule, please have them contact their counselor via e-mail ASAP.

Counselor contact information is listed below in the Counseling section of the newsletter.


Medford Online Payment System...Get signed up!!!

Medford Tech is happy to announce that our online payments are currently active for General Obligation (ID’s, books, etc.) and various student activity payments (Homecoming, Activity Dues, Senior Trip, Prom, etc.). To make an online payment, please click HERE and create a MySchoolBucks account; then find your product and make a payment.


All parents/guardians of freshmen students should create a MySchoolBucks account. Please reference the online user guide below for assistance.

Parent User Guide

Creating A Parent Account

Transportation Information

Your sending district will provide your family transportation information mid- late August. BCIT does not coordinate transportation for our students. Any issues that you may have with times and locations for pick-up and drop-off need to be discussed with your district transportation departments.

Click here to view the contact information for all the sending districts.


If ESU is the transportation service identified in the link, please scroll to the bottom of the document for ESU contact information. Do Not contact your sending district.


Visit BCIT on Facebook...


Click here to visit the Counseling Center

Financial Aid and FAFSA Night

Getting ready for College??? Please plan on attending this informational session if your son or daughter is getting ready for the college experience. This session will explain the FAFSA process and will provide you valuable information pertaining to this important process! Every parent of a student considering post secondary education need to attend!!!

More detailed information will be provided by the Counseling Department regarding the date and time of this event!!! Stay Tuned...


Looking for national scholarships? Complete the registration at www.fastweb.com to receive email notifications of scholarship programs.

Visit www.meritaid.com to find merit-based scholarship opportunities from colleges before you apply. This website can help students with merit-based scholarships from colleges that reflect your accomplishments and interests.

Another good resource for researching scholarships is www.finaid.org .

Paper FAFSAs will no longer be delivered in bulk to high schools. Students are able to obtain a paper FAFSA by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). Students are encouraged to file the FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov for faster processing. A PDF version of the FAFSA is also available for download at www. studentaid.ed.gov.

The US Department of Education sponsors www.studentaid.ed.gov, which provides helpful information on preparing for college, types of financial aid, determining who is eligible for financial aid, how to apply for aid with the FAFSA, and information on repaying your loans.



Any address change must be submitted to the Guidance department in writing. This is the only way to ensure proper busing information is submitted to transportation. Updating the Emergency Card your child will receive in homeroom will not change your address in Genesis.



The safety of our students is our main priority. Guardians and authorized emergency contacts may pick up a student during school hours in the Main Office. When arriving in the Main Office, a driver’s license or state/federal issued I.D. must be presented. Students will not be released to anyone who does not provide proper identification.

Guardians must send written authorization in the form of an email in order to authorize someone who is NOT listed in Genesis to pick up their student. A representative from the main office will also call the main contact(s) to verify the written notification. The email should be sent to mainoffice@burlcoschools.org from the email address listed in Genesis and include the following information:

  • Date

  • Student’s name and grade level

  • Name of the person picking up the student

  • Time and reason of departure

  • Your name and relationship to student

  • Your phone number (phone number must match what is listed in Genesis)

The person being designated to pick up their student must present a driver’s license or state/federal issued I.D. when arriving at the Main Office. Once the email is received, the student will be released.

Please review the contact information in Genesis for your student to ensure that the most current information has been provided. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Main Office at 609-654-0200 ext. 8411.


School ID's

All students are required to have a school I.D. on them at all times when in the building. This card is to be worn and visible when you are on school property. If you are asked for it by any staff member you are required to hand it to the person making the request. If you lose your I.D. card, a new one must be purchased. Homeroom teachers will conduct an ID check and a list of those students names without an I.D. will be sent to the Main Office. A new I.D. is then printed and delivered to the students that morning. An obligation will automatically be issued to the student for $5.00. Parents can view fines through the parent portal. Obligations can be paid through MY-SCHOOL BUCKS from the Medford homepage.

If a student has an open obligation, the Parent Portal will have limited access until the obligation is closed. An “$” sign indicates that a student has an open fine.

School IDs will be provided on the first day of school. As part of the New Student Orientation, students will have their pictures taken in preparation of the opening of school. Students that are not able to attend the orientation will have their picture taken during the first week of school.


Dress Code Update

The purpose of this dress code is to prepare students for expectations of the world of work and to promote the image of the school district. The standards are (1) Workplace Preparation, (2) Safety, and (3) Professionalism. Students are urged to emulate the dress code of successful adults in the occupation for which they are preparing. All students are required to dress in a manner that reflects good taste, modesty, and appropriateness. Choice of attire should be made according to the health, safety, and welfare of all students.

Remember, the following are permitted:

  • Solid Collared shirts of any color are approved
  • BCIT apparel, including BCIT Hoodies (excluding T-Shirts and Sports Uniforms) are approved.

Click here to view the BCIT Dress Code

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Physical Education Rules and Procedures

Click on the link below to review the PE Rules and Procedures for BCIT-Medford.

Please pay special attention to the highlighted area regarding jewelry and piercings!!!


Important Code of Conduct Information: Points System

All teachers and administrators have a responsibility to all students who attend the Burlington County Institute of Technology to maintain a positive atmosphere that is conducive to learning at all times. In order to keep students accountable for their actions, BCIt utilizes a point system to reinforce positive behavior throughout the school year.

Below is a brief description of the Point System and the privileges that can be affected by exceeded the point thresholds. The entire Point System can be viewed in the Parent/Student Handbook.

INDIVIDUAL STUDENT DISCIPLINE LEVELS A student’s privilege to participate in school trips, school dances, the Junior/Senior Prom, leadership positions in athletics, CTSO’s, and activities, and student driving privileges and other certain school sponsored activities will be repealed after any of the following:

– 16 point accumulation

– Three (3) In-school or out-of-school suspensions during the year (combined)

– Violation of drug and alcohol policy

SENIOR TRIP PRIVILEGES A student’s privilege to participate on Senior Trip will be repealed after any of the following:

– 16 point accumulation

– Three (3) In-school or out-of-school suspensions during the year

– Violation of drug and alcohol policy

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Click here to access the Online School Store

Order dress code approved apparel!


Student Parking Information

This year to speed up the process we have created a Google Form that you can complete with all the required information regarding student parking. Simply take a picture or scan the required information and attach it to the Google Form.

We encourage students to obtain their parking pass prior to the start of school to avoid missing class time. When you complete your Parking Form, we will mail you your parking sticker.

Once school begins, Mrs. Robinson will call students to the Main Office to complete the process if they were not able to complete prior to school starting.

The following information is required in order to obtain a parking permit at BCIT-Medford:

1. Driver’s license

2. Registration card

3. Insurance card

4. License plate #

If you have any questions please email your questions to studentparking@burlcoschools.org.



Online Financial Literacy Program Grades 9-12

Financial Literacy Program

Click here for the Money SKILLS link for Financial Literacy

The first time you login you will be given a benchmark quiz which will measure

your existing financial literacy level. The results will NOT be considered a part of

your grade. You must complete this preliminary quiz before starting on Module 1.

Complete the modules in the order presented by clicking launch next to the

module. Each module will take you about 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

Closed lock indicates that the module cannot be accessed or completed.

Open lock indicates that the module can be accessed.

Retake indicates that your instructor has approved a retake of the module

After a new concept has been introduced, you will be quizzed using a question to

test your understanding of the material. The correct answer will be displayed

along with an explanation of why the answer is correct. Once you have answered

a question and the correct answer has been displayed you will not be able to

return to that question again unless retake for module indicated.

You can read the content on the screen or listen to them over the speakers of your computer or both. The audio can be muted by clicking the button in the audio box. Font size can be adjusted by clicking on the magnifying glass under module list. A post-test is to be taken after all modules are completed. An electronic system will keep track of your score on each module and will provide you with the percent that you got correct. The points on each question accumulate to your total score for each module, so please take your time and read each question carefully before you answer.

You need to Login and Logout every time you use MoneySKILL. Remember, you

must always logout when exiting the course.

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Student schedules are available in the Genesis Parent Portal. Please contact the Guidance Department at 609.654.0200 ext. 8423 if you need access to the Genesis Parent Portal. Changes to student schedules after the start of the school year will only be considered for the following reasons:

  • A data or statistical error in the schedule, i.e., two subjects in one period, no lunch, wrong grade level for English, etc.
  • To meet graduation requirements or mandated program requirements.
  • If student failed with scheduled teacher in the previous year and another teacher is available. Where necessary, such changes will be made at counselor discretion, and only after extensive review of the circumstances.
  • Improper program/level placement, i.e., student is not in the course(s) as indicated on the course request form.

In all cases, except a clerical or data error, parental permission or parental awareness is necessary in writing before any change can be made. No course may be dropped after the first interim report is issued. Students may not transfer out of any class after four (4) weeks from the beginning of semester course and after nine (9) weeks from the beginning of a full year course.

New 9th & 10th Incoming Students: Counselor Information

All incoming freshman and sophomores will be assigned to a counselor by their last name for the 2021-22 school year.

Please see the breakdown below for incoming freshmen and sophomores.

A-F = Amanda Avila aavila@burlcoschools.org

G-M = Aja Jones ajones@burlcoschools.org

N-Z = Leah Graham (Formerly Ms. Ross) lgraham@burlcoschools.org

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Guidance Office.


Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Information

Creating a positive learning environment is essential to the success of all students at BCIT Medford. The state of NewJersey has very specific guidelines for schools to follow in an effort to eliminate acts of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) with an educational setting. BCIT-Medford enforces these guidelines to the full extent of the state guidelines and regulations. The full district Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) policy can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

If you have any questions regarding Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please contact our HIB Specialist, Mr. Jeff Pensabene at jpensabene@burlcoschools.org.

For further information regarding Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please click on the link below.


Snap Shot at Student Planning for the year...

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The purpose of the Career Major Exploratory Program is to expose all incoming students to a select number of career options prior to their selection of a career major course. The student, parent, guidance counselors, Child Study Team, and career major instructor will participate in the career major selection process.


Each entering student will have four exploratory cycles in career majors during the first semester of his or her initial year at BCIT. Students will select three career majors and will be assigned to one non-traditional career major. New student exploratory programs will be scheduled in the fourth block of each day.

At the conclusion of the fourth exploratory cycle, the student will have the opportunity to select first and second career major choices, with the advice of his/her parent/guardian and career major instructor.

All students will then be ranked in each CTE area based on their academic performance. Guidance counselors will assess and match students to their career major choices dependent upon each student’s ranking, space availability in the career major program, and student/parent selections for first and second choices.

It is important that students perform their best in each exploratory in an effort to get their 1st or 2nd choice of Career Major.



The School to Work office is available to offer connections to employment in your students chosen career major field. Please contact Mr. John Demree ext. 8416 for more information.

Student Activities

Please take the time to visit our student-activity information during the summer. We encourage every student to get involved in at least one club/activity. Please visit both of the links below for more information.

Click here for the link to all the Medford Clubs

Click here for the STUDENT LIFE Directory.



Parents/guardians dropping off medication for their child(ren) are required to bring a valid driver's license or state/federal issued I.D., the physician prescription, and the prescribed medication. After signing in at the Main Office, you will then meet with the school nurse who will store the medication for your child.

Please contact Donna Baptiste at dbaptiste@burlcoschools.org if you have any questions.

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Fall sports (Boys/Girls Soccer, Boys/Girls Cross Country) have begun for the season. Please contact Mrs. Bouchard if your son or daughter would like to join a team

All student-athletes must register online each season (fall, winter and spring) for athletics.

Click Here For Online Athletic Registration.

In addition, each student-athlete must have a valid physical and other required forms on file with the nurse’s office prior to participation in athletics. The school’s physician must approve all physicals completed by any private physician prior to final clearance.

Our school physician performs physicals at each campus twice a month. We recommend that student-athletes get a physical at school as this helps to streamline the approval process (less paperwork). If you plan on getting a physical at Medford Tech, you must call the athletic office and make an appointment prior to getting the physical.

For more information and updates about Medford’s athletics (coaches, schedules, required paperwork, etc.) please reference Dr. Bouchard’s website. This can be viewed by clicking HERE.

We encourage all students to get involved in athletics. Especially as an incoming student, becoming part of a team is a great way to instantly make twenty or thirty new friends.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the specific coach or the athletic director.

Click Here for the BCIT-Medford Sports Packet

This packet contains all the forms that need to be completed in order to participate in any athletic program.

Athletic Packet & Registration Information

A complete participation packet with signed consent forms must be submitted to the Athletic Department in order for a student-athlete to tryout in any sport. Packets are available on the school athletics website under the Athletic Director’s website. Please review the website for additional information regarding our programs. Please ensure to submit all required forms - click the link below for more information.



Any senior student-athlete wishing to compete in the NCAA Division 1 or 2 level must complete an application through the NCAA Clearinghouse. You must complete this process to receive any type of athletic scholarship money! Student athletes are reminded to send their SAT and ACT test scores to the Eligibility Center by entering the code “9999” in the box when registering for the tests.

Any senior student-athlete wishing to compete in the NAIA level must register through the NAIA Eligibility Center. Log on to www.collegesportsinfo.org to register. You must complete this process to receive any type of athletic scholarship money!

Emergency Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures:

In the event of a campus emergency or inclement weather, staff members will be contacted via email, phone message, and text message. In addition, we will post a Special Alert Message on our website.

Students will be contacted using information stored in Genesis, our electronic student database. Parents should be reminded to ensure their contact information is up-to-date. Any changes should be reported to the main office of the student's school.

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