PACE Team Meeting (November 2015)

Kiser Tigers

Digital Debrief

Hello everyone,

Due to my absence on the day of our meeting, I thought we'd catch each other online! Please take note of the following information. There is one, "right now" action item to complete within the next couple of weeks in preparation for winter break. The rest is food for thought to be addressed at our December meeting.

Teacher and Student PLEI

Feedback time...

This year, we are expected to administer the PLEI (Personalized Learning Environment Index) aligned to the PACE grant twice during this year--prior to winter break and again prior to the end of the school year. Last year proved that intentionally building in time to take this 10-15 minute survey as an activity, station, etc. is the way to actually get it done with some fidelity. I am glad to help grade levels facilitate a plan for this, but we do need a concrete plan. Last year (EOY) it was to be administered during homeroom, from which we got very few responses.

Therefore, let's put our heads together to think of how both TEACHERS and STUDENTS would be able to fill out the survey to get as close to 100% completion as possible.

My two cents: Perhaps teachers could be given an opportunity to take it at the beginning (or at some point) during the December faculty meeting. We could provide the parent tablets for those assistants (or anyone else) who may not have a device. For students, perhaps a station during a lesson or scheduled CPU lab time could be arranged to allow students to complete the survey. We could potentially have all students get it done within a week or so. I think the survey window for students should be Dec. 7-18. Again, I'll be glad to help anyway that I can.

Please leave your thoughts here about how we could handle getting this survey completed from both teachers and students. I will follow up with you before our next faculty meeting so that everyone is aware of the need for this survey to be completed and our ultimate plan to get 'er done.

$1,000 PACE Allotment for School

This year's purchase requests for our $1,000 from the PACE grant have to be turned in by January 20, 2016, which is not so far away. Be thinking about how this money could be best utilized to move forward in personalizing learning for our students.

Click here for the specific guidelines for purchases.

We will discuss this further at our December meeting, but please come prepared to offer specific recommendations of accessories, subscriptions, etc.

Amplify Classroom Management Tools Report

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Amplify has resumed sending weekly classroom management tools reports. This information is pulled from last week's (11/9 - 11/13) use. While weekly may or may not be the best time frame to share this data,I do think it is useful information--particularly over time. For example, when trying to determine what minute by minute informal assessments to use during your lesson, the Quick Poll and Spot Check features provide an easy way to get feedback--notice how underused those features are.

I wanted to get your overall feedback regarding in what other ways you thought access to this data could be useful for teachers, and ultimately, the students. Feel free to reply to this email with suggestions.

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Have a great week!!