A historical terror.


This kind of practice has something to do with magic practiced by certain individuals. Often, people depict it as a thing people do to curse others. It is unknown if it is universally good or bad but however, Witchcraft in many people's eyes, is considered an evil thing. Many were accused of this practices, and few were executed as a result.

It is debatable of what the definition of a witch is. Many could say it has to do with the devil. Witches are also commonly associated with old women as depicted in media.

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The History of Witchcraft.

Witchcraft has been believed by many for a very long time, even since the beginning of time. It can be seen as an phenomenon. The earliest days that witchcraft appear was in 1000 AD during the medieval times, which sparked controversy that Witchcraft was considered a anti-Christian practice.

It is often believed that Witches have the power to cause diseases, flying, having animals that spy on people among others.

And since then, many were given permission to hunt down those who practice Witchcraft. People would often kill witches by burning them or were even thrown into water to prove their innocence.