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a soundtrack for the new Pride and Prejudice movie

Façade: Jekyll and Hyde the musical

This entire song describes the two faces of a person, and how sometimes you don’t know who to trust because you never know who they truly are. This goes well with Elizabeth finding out who and what Wickham did in the past as related to the Darcy family and who he truly is as a person.


Carmina Burana: O Fortuna: London Philharmonic Orchestra

This orchestral/choral piece is popular in movies and shows involving fight scenes, and whereas this isn't a fight, it is a pretty heavy confrontation between Lady Catherine and Elizabeth, who discuss Lizzy's relations with Darcy. It sets the tone for the scene, and adds a layer of tension and dramatic effect (a bit of comedic relief as well!)


Foolish To Think: A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

To be honest, this song just fits with the emotions that Collins feels after proposing to Elizabeth and gets rejected. He is embarrassed, as this harms his pride as a fairly wealthy man, and he was foolish to rush in to the situation just assuming that Elizabeth would say yes to his proposal.


Helpless: Hamilton the musical

Upon the Bingley's arrival, many women are immediately attracted to Mr. Bingley, who is in particular very handsome (it doesn’t hurt that he's rich either). The girls (and very much so Mrs. Bennet) are entranced with him and experience the same emotions as the women singing in this song.