Theory of Evolution !

With: Nicolas Henderson, Zheng Cui, and David Kim

Molecular Biology

The universality of cytochrome c is evidence that all aeorbic organisms probably descended from a common ancestor.

Certain species being more closely related implies that some species share a more recent common ancestor.

Some blood proteins found in nearly all organisms also give evidence that these organisms descended from a common ancestor.


Gracing the islands of Hawaii is a family of birds comunity called the Hawaiian honeycreeper. all honeycreepers have similarities in skeletal and muscle structure that indicate they are closely related.

Camel has two species, Dromedary and Bactrian. both camels are in desert but Dromedary camel lives in middle east and Bactrian Camel lives in middle asia. both camel are closely related.


Fossils are used as a record of past life. The discovery of them shook the science world when they were discovered in the 17th century. Many fossils represented forms of life that are no longer with us today.

Fossils can tell us about growth patterns in ancient animals.


Crocodire and while have same kind of front limbs, because both animals are swimming through ocean. so they made big fin to swim with long Phalanges.

All fly insect has wings with thin films and thin borns. those are because they do not have enough muscle to fly heavy body. they have to change their wings to more light. fly insects have compleatly different wing than birds.