Industrial Revolution

By:Reese Patterson

About the Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time period where machines changed the way people work. It began in Great Britain and worked its way to other countries. The machines helped make goods. The machines also made work faster and easier. The workers didn't have to use all their muscles or the animal's muscles. It made life better by taking the place of had tools and animals, so they didn't have to do much work.

An Invention of the Revolution

An important invention was the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793. It cleaned the cotton, so the workers didn't have to worry about getting stabbed by thorns. It also made cleaning cotton a lot faster.

The Working Conditions

The working conditions were dangerous, miserable, and deadly. The work days were long with little pay. There were no fire exists. There was also child labor. Child labor was where children would have to work in the factories. The children would get hands, feet, legs, toes, fingers, and even might die cleaning the machines. If they didn't work fast enough, they would get hit in the head with medal rods by the overseer.