Space needle

Have you ever wondered why, how, or when the Seattle space needle was built?

Well the building process consisted of a giant concrete block thirty feet deep as a counter weight for the tower, and the idea for the towers shaped was decided by two artist that combined the idea of a giant balloon tied to the ground, and a flying saucer you can see the saucer is the restaurant and observation deck and the string is the sloping structure holding the saucer up.

The space needle is 605 feet tall and built in a little than over a year can withstand earthquakes below magnitude 9. It was built for the World Fair that's was held in Seattle.

Some things that can happen to the space needle. Like, the space needle sways 1 inch per 10 mile per hour winds so 20 miles per hour equal 2 inches of sway Can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. On a hot day the Space Needle expands about one inch On windy days the elevators are programmed to slow down and go at 5 mph instead of the normal 10 mph

The Space Needle had a event where they, on New Year's Eve, unveiled a blinding light at the top of the tower called the Legacy Light the Legacy Light is only used a little because of the light pollution it causes. The Legacy Light was only meant to be used 75 days in a year but is only used a dozen times but it did remain lit for eleven days in a row from September 11, 2001, to September 22, 2001, in response to the September 11 attacks.

Some fun facts about the space needle and the staff. The first Space Needle Manager, Hoge Sullivan, had acrophobia, a fear of heights. It is also a restaurant called Skycity. From the top you can see almost the entire horizon and mountains. It takes 47 minutes for the saucer to do a full 360. 6 people have Base jumped off of the space needle. The first professional cleaning the space needle had was about 46 years after being built.

The space needle is a interesting landmark built surprisingly well for being built in the 1960's.


Some attractions in and around the space needle is the restaurant in the space needle called sky city and the observation deck also Seattle has the woodland park zoo and wild waves theme park
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