Ancient Egyptian Weapons

Learn about what the ancient Egyptians used for weapons

The Weapons They Used.

The Ancient Egyptians used many weapons. Here are a list of some weapons they used. They used Spears, Swords, Daggers, Maces, Bow, Club, and Hammer.

The category of weapons

The types of categories are blunt which are hammers and maces. The Blade Category are swords, and daggers. They also used ranged weapons like bows and arrows.

The process

The process of making weapons was this. 1st step find the ore you want to make it from. 2nd step melt the ore from solid to liquid. 3rd step form the liquid to the weapon you want. 4th step wait for it to cool down and turn into a liquid.

People who used the weapons

The Pharaoh used a sword called the scythe which was golden. They archers were equipped with bows and arrows. The soldiers were equipped with swords and shields for combat.

The past

The past has swords, Bows,Maces and so many other weapons they used.

The present

The present has different weapons like guns,grenades,jeeps,choppers, and heavy amor.

The future

We can not tell what we will have in the future. We only have the imagination of those who want to create.