Wandering Albatoss

by Sam & Dylan

scietific name

A Wandering Albatrosses scientific name is Diomeda Exulans.


Wandering albatros have a white head,neck and body a wedge shaped tail and a large pink beak.Juviniles have mostly dark plumage which graduly whitens with age.


you can find the wandering albatross across the southern ocean, antarctica, subantarctica and subtropical waters. young birds will stay at sea for five to ten years before returning to their natural island to breed.


wandering albatros breed only once every two years and the task of incubating the half killogram egg and rearing the chick is shared by both parents.


their diet consists of fish,cephalopods,jellyfish,and on rare occasionscrustanceans. they also eat penguin and seal carrion. chicks may consume up to 100kg of foode during their rearing period which lasts for apoximately 300 days.