Thomas Jefferson

By : Monica Tharp

Thomas Jefferson

Do you know who Thomas Jefferson is? "Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Albemarle County, Virginia". "Thomas’s father died when he was 14". "He went to boarding school until he was sixteen"."He graduated from college in 1762."

Married Years

"His mom died march 31, 1776 then he married Martha Jefferson .Martha died September 6, 1782 in Charllotesville VA. When they were married they had two daughters. They were named Martha and Mary peter Jefferson."
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Being President

"In the 1800 Jefferson wanted to be president". Before that he was a Governor of Virginia then in "1801 he was elected president". When he was president he was responsible for the Louisiana purchase. When he did that "he added a lot of miles to the U.S". He was also the third president of American.
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The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson was a founding father. He wrote the Declaration of Independence that gave of freedom from England. "The Declaration is a statement" he was called the father of the Declaration." He was chosen to write the Declaration by the continental congress."

The Last Years

After he was president he went back to Virginia and a couple of week's later he died. But before he died "he founded Virginia University". Thomas Jefferson was a founding father and he wrote that Declaration. He was also the third president he will always be very important to our country. This is a quote-" in matters of style stay with the current , in matters of principle stand as a rock."

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