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Lakeview Family Newsletter - October 26

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Student Engagement

One of the trickiest things for schools to define is "student engagement". What does it look like, sound like, and feel like when students are fully engaged in their learning? I think one of the best definitions of engagement is "minds on". It's similar to "hands on," but we know a person can be doing a hands-on task mindlessly.

One of the best ways to know that students are "minds on" is to listen to the questions they ask. We know that toddlers are constantly asking questions, but at some point those questions slow down. Please celebrate the questions that your students ask. Model great questions in your home by asking questions that make your children think deeply. Nurture curiosity. Challenge and expect them to ask great questions at school. And then you might start asking them "What questions did you ask today?" instead of "What did you learn today?" That puts the ownership for learning on the shoulders of our students.

Upcoming Events

October 29 - A Milwaukee Admiral's player comes to read to our 5th grade students.

ADMIRAL'S SHIRT DAY - everyone (5K through 5th grade) please wear the blue Admiral's shirt you received for free on this day!

November 6 - No School for students - this is a Tuesday, so it's a little different. Voting will take place in schools and our teachers will have a professional development day on November 6.

November 7 - Picture make-up day

November 8 - PTO meeting in the Lakeview library from 7-8 p.m.

November 15 - mark your calendars for Lakeview Movie Evening. This is a Thursday dinner-time event. More information will follow, and students will vote on the movie in November. Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this event!

Early Childhood Screenings

Every year, the school district of South Milwaukee hosts opportunities for children between the ages of 3-5 who are not enrolled to be assessed for developmental issues. The screenings help to identify possible delays that may warrant further evaluation. The first opportunity is on Friday, November 16th from 9 a.m. to noon. You need to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Please see this flyer for more information and the phone number for appointments.

Are you interested in being a substitute in our schools?

We've got information for any adult that may be interested in serving as either a substitute teacher or substitute aide. Click here to read more about this opportunity. Feel free to pass this information to others you know who might be interested!

Information on the Upcoming Referendum

VOTE November 6!

Investing in our Future: Safe, Strong, Successful

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