By:Briana Basdeo

Background information

The capital of Grenada is St. George's.The major cities are St. George's and Gouyave.Grenada was controlled by another country which was the United Kingdom, the country gained it's independence on February 7, 1974 and Grenada is a independent country now.The official language in Grenada is English.

Geographical information

Grenada is in the southeast Caribbean Sea.Three of Grenada's physical features are The Great River, Lake Antoine, and Mount St. Catherine.

Political and diplomacy information

Grenada's government type is parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy.The leader is Keith Mitchell.Grenada is in good terms with other countries, being a participating member of both the Caribbean community and organization of Eastern Caribbean Sea.

Economic and trade information

Grenada's currency is XCD.Econimic system is tourism-based.Imports from Grenada are poultry meat, wheat, cars, concentrated milk, and packaged medications, the country imports goods from United States, China, Barbados, and United Kingdom.Exports from Grenada are nutmeg, cocoa beans, non-fillet fresh fish, wheat flours, and toilet paper, they export these goods from United States, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Canada.
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Tourist information

People should vist this country because Gernada has great foods to try, beautiful beaches, and you can go on amazing adventures.Tourist should see the Seven sisters fall, Grand Anse Beach, waters sports and under water sculptures.