Pyramid Lake Jr./Sr. High School

Monthly Newsletter August 2022

Welcome Back to School!!

Welcome back to all of our students. It was an emotional start to the day, but it was much needed as we open up our 2022-2023 school year. We had the honor of hearing from RSIC Chairman Arlan Melendez as he welcomed our students and staff back. We would also like thank Ralph Burns for the Paiute Prayer and School Board Member Mervin Wright for sharing his testimony. We wrapped up our morning with Toby Stump singing us a beautiful honor song as we welcomed each of our students to the new year.

Special thanks to Chairwoman Janet Davis, Pyramid Lake Behavioral Health Program, Clinic Representatives, and School Board Member Jake Chapin for joining us as well. We would like to remind students and community members that resources for support during difficult times are always available to you. If you would like more information about supportive services please reach out to Lynsie Dunn. or call (775) 574-1016.

New Staff

Principal Zimmerman

We are pleased to announce the hiring of our Principal Mr. Zimmerman. He joins us 30 years of experience as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal in Washoe County School District. Mr. Zimmerman is excited about promoting Native culture with our students and providing a productive and safe learning environment. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Zimmerman if you have any questions or would like to meet him.

Shaun Finnigan

Hello Lakers and Laker families,

My name is Shaun Finnigan and I am honored to be your new assistant principal. I grew up in Fernley Nevada and graduated from Fernley high school in 1986. I had thought at one time in my life I would make a great police officer, but I quickly realized that I was better at helping and coaching people towards avenues of success and intrinsic rewards. I have been fortunate enough to work with students at Damonte Ranch, Galena, and McQueen high schools in Washoe County.

I have a beautifully awesome wife who teaches fifth grade, daughter (Amanda) starting at UNR, and son (Rhys) who is a carpenter and a project manager. We enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, learning, traveling, eating, pilates, and sharing our individual life experiences. We have learned that life is messy and every day is a gift.

I look forward to learning from the community, parents, and students. As well as, assisting with a successful educational experience for every person in the Laker community.

Mrs. Tobey

Bozho n’Nikanek! Nije na gin, Mno Bmades. Hello, I am Mrs. Adriana Tobey, formerly known as Ms. Wahwasuck. I’m a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation of Kansas. Mother of four amazing children: Travis, Victor, Dania, and Arianna. All my kids reside in Kansas except my youngest, Arianna. I am happily married to Pyramid Lake tribal member Arlan Tobey. It is an absolute honor to be the 6th grade teacher for the Pyramid Lake middle school. I graduated from PLHS in 1995 and it has always been a goal of mine to give back to this amazing community. I am very excited to get to know all of the 6th graders and look forward to a great year of learning!

Joe "Junie" Estrada

Originally from a small Copper mining community, Hayden-Winkelman in Arizona. Taught and coached for 10 years Industrial Arts and Special Education. Moved to Fernley, Nevada where I currently live. I taught and coached for 24 years at Fernley High School, Special Education and Metal Shop. I am very excited to be starting my 35th year teaching woods and metals here at Pyramid Lake Jr./Sr. High School.

Lori Dodson

Transferred from Transportation and is now the Office Assistant.

Braedon Bordon

Educational Aide

Dress Code

Pyramid Lake Jr./Sr. High School has adopted a uniform code of dress that includes a standardized uniform. The uniform is to be worn as intended at school, school events, during school sponsored

transportation and any time you are representing the school. The school may alter the dress code to meet the needs of an activity.

The uniform consists of the following attire:

  • Top – the top is maroon or gray with the school emblem, or any other school-issued shirt or top.

  • Bottom- tan, khaki, or black color pants, Capris, shorts, or skirts (jeans and denim materials are not appropriate).

  • Once in School, non-uniform items must be placed in the locker. This includes sweatshirts, jackets, knit hats, scarves, suspenders, etc.

  • A shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt. This undershirt must be maroon white, gray, or black in color. The undershirt needs to be tucked in at the waist with no undershirt showing between the uniform top and the uniform bottom. The undershirt should not have visible letters, designs, or graphics.

The dress code also prohibits the following:

  • Sagged pants or shorts

  • Wearing red or any other gang related colors

  • Blankets

  • Slippers

  • Hats and hoods. Students may wear PLHS hoodies. Hoods should not cover ears or occipital bone.

Each offense results in a confiscation of the hat or hooded item. First offense: Student warning and pick up at the end of the school day. Second and subsequent offenses: Guardian pickup and contact.

It is expected that students should come to school clean, well groomed and in the school uniform.

Pants that sag or skirts that are too short (shorts and skirts must be longer than 4 inches above the knee) are not appropriate and may be a reason for a referral.

At the discretion of the administration, students who violate the dress code will be required to change into a proper uniform lent to them by the office.


Pyramid Lake Jr./Sr. High School will have 13 students attending TMCC this Fall 2022. Our students are participating in the Jumpstart Program through TMCC and are earning college credits and could potentially obtain their Associates Degree. It is a great opportunity for our high school students. We look forward to having a successful Fall semester.

If you would like more information on the Jumpstart Program please visit the TMCC website Our Fall semester has closed but we will continue enrollment in the Spring semester. Families that have any questions or concerns can contact Jacie Paulsen, Counselor, (775)574-1016 or Keri Romo or (775)431-7935
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Class of 2023

Welcome back class of 2023 with this year being your final year of high school here are some important dates and deadlines for higher education. Please complete your FAFSA as soon as possible.

Nevada Promise Scholarship- Scholarships for high schooler's to attend community college**Due date to submit is October 31, 2022 @ midnight.

TMCC-first day to register for Fall 2023 classes begin in April

Haskell Indian Nations University- February 15, 2023

Fort Lewis College June 1st

United tribes technical college June 1st

Lassen community college June 1st

University of Nevada March 1st

There will be a meeting scheduled for the Senior Class to discuss fundraising, Senior Trip, prom, and Graduation on Wednesday August 24 at 6:00 pm. Parents, please check your email for more details.
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Senior Class of 2023 on their first day of School.

Bottom row L-R: Brandon Nakai, Cameron Nakai, Macario Padilla, Terrance Fellows, Cole Smith, Maxwell Gustofson, Mikey King-Flores, Shaylene Malone, Aliza Lara, Arianna Wahwusuck, Alona Sam, Gage Meek, Carolyn Sanchez, Tristan Keo, Colsen Lewis-Wyatt, Julio Padilla, Malakai Jacinto, Isaiah Perez

Alex Bonta Scholarship

The ALEX BONTA (Class of 2003) MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is established at PLHS for two members of the Class of 2025 (this year’s 10th grade/sophomores); it will be awarded to one female and one male student athlete with a 3.0 or better G.P.A. that will be graduating in 2025.

Alex Bonta graduated from PLHS; he was a student athlete that excelled in English, history, football, and basketball. He attended Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) majoring in English and literature. He returned to Nevada and married Kathie Keats Bonta; they have two children, Mikenna Rae and Kennesen Duke Bonta.

Donations to the ALEX BONTA (Class of 2003) MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will be accepted by PLHS in the front office by filling out the form. So far over $660 has been raised for this scholarship. If anyone is interested in having food sales or any other activity to raise funds for this scholarship, please contact Harriet Brady at 775-574-1016, extension 113.

Counselor Corner

Welcome back to school! A friendly reminder from your counselors that it is important to get a full night of rest to be ready for the day. Have a great year and please stop by if you would like to learn more about how to get a restful night of sleep.

-Miss Dunn and Miss Paulsen.

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PLHS Board Meeting scheduled for September 13, 2022

This is just a friendly reminder for PUBLIC COMMENT

  • The public is encouraged to speak in a fair, consistent, informative, dignified and civil manner.
  • Speakers will be allowed 3 minutes to comment.
  • Informational purposes only. No action can be taken during public comment.
  • Questions from individuals or groups are to be asked of the Board Chairperson and may not be asked of any individual member of the Board or Administrative staff.
  • Once public comment is over, the public may remain but shall not interrupt or ask questions while Administration presents their reports.
  • Boisterous conduct and remarks which are discourteous, abusive, profane, slanderous or obscene will not be tolerated. The Board Chairperson may terminate the right of any speaker to continue speaking if he/she violates this procedure.

Important dates

August 26-27th, 2022 volleyball Girls Varsity tournament @ YERINGTON

August 26th, 2022 Football Varsity Game VS. Owyhee *HOME GAME

Sept. 2, 2022- Varsity Football @ Mammoth

Sept. 7, 2022- Middle school girls basketball vs. Coral Academy *HOME

Sept. 8, 2022- Volleyball girls varsity VS. Sage Ridge ** HOME GAME 5 pm

Sept. 8, 2022- Varsity Football @ Wells 7 pm

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Around the School

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If you signed up for Family Literature night with Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Smith during the fall athletic parent night 8/17, please remember to turn in your questionnaire before September 22, 2022.
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PLHS Pageant

Pyramid lake Jr/Sr High School Pageant Application for 2022-23 are now being accepted until Sept. 9, 2022. The contestant must be attending Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School, have a 2.0 grade point average cumulative and semester, student may not be on a disciplinary contract or be pregnant. Please feel free to contact PLHS for an application or more information. (775) 574-1016.


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Kitchen Corner

Welcome back to school from the kitchen staff!

We are excited to start a new year with open ideas for what you like as a healthy meal. Please let us know and remember we have to meet certain guidelines.

This year we are under the Provision II Program with the State of Nevada which means NO application is required.

Our menu is a 6 week menu that rotates throughout the year.

Enjoy your School year!

Kitchen Staff,

Tina and George

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Human Resources

Current Vacancies are always available on our website.

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The following is our Combined Revenue & Expense Report at June 30, 2022. These funds include Bureau of Indian Education Grant Amendments, Dept. of Education Native Studies, NV Dept. of Agriculture Meals and Summer Foods and Program Generated. Our annual audit will start Monday, 8/22/2022 and will include the period July 1, 2021 thru June 30, 2022. We account for all funds received and expended by each grant period. Each fund serves a specific purpose and has separate budgets.

We currently accept donations for the Alex Bonta Scholarship that is for the first class of 6th graders that will graduate from PLHS and use to further their education. The second donations that we receive is for the Childs Querta Scholarship fund that can support PLHS graduates to attend higher education after graduation. The PLHS always supports our Athletics and the Athletics Program is also accepting donations.

Our Finance Staff include Natalia Gonzales, Accounting Clerk, Gwen Sanchez, Accounting/Payroll Specialist and Genevieve John, Finance Director. All our finance records are maintained within the Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School. We may be contacted by calling 775-574-1016, ext. 1207 for Natalia; 775-574-1016, ext. 1023 for Gwen and 775-574-1016, ext. 1024 for Genevieve. Our emails include our last name, first name initial i.e.

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