- Is Prozac dripping from the tap?

Prozac is dripping from the tap?
Despite the fact that our drinking water is purified and approved for consumption, we should still be concerned about the quality of our tap water.

Certain substances are simply not to filter.
Our drinking water containing increasing concentrations of drugs
The RIVM has an out research last year and this confirmed.
The most common drugs in our drinking water are: analgesics, antiepileptic drugs and antidepressants.
Hormones such as estrogen come into rivers and streams go through the urine of women taking the pill and using animals treated with hormones SkinCareMoz

These substances, which do not filter out our drinking water, accumulate in our body, our organs and cells.
So it will not surprise you that despite medical advances, the number of chronic diseases continues to increase.
Our drinking water is thereby caused.
Therefore, it is at this time no longer a luxury to purify through a filter (ask for the possibilities via the contact form). Your water itself

The function of water
A water molecule is made up of three atoms: an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.
Water we know in three forms: ice, water and water vapor.
Water has the ability to never be in a pure form to get the water quality can vary enormously.
Groundwater is different than surface water, but also the degree of acidity and the hardness is different.