Course Update 11/12/13 - ENDING THE SEMESTER


1.) Finals Exams are scheduled for the first week in December.

a. They open Wednesday, December 4 @ 12:01 am and close Thursday, December 5 @ 11:59 pm. Exams are only available during that two day time frame.

b. Students should set aside about 90 minutes.

c. There are NO extensions. There are NO exemptions.

d. Students should complete the exam using a trusty computer with a trusty connection – NO EXCUSES!!!

Weekly Class Meetings!

There are just TWO class meetings left - Nov 18 and Dec 2.

The time is always the same.
MONDAY at 8:00 PM:

The 12/2 session will include time for exam review and questions

ASK if your student is planning to attend either one of those sessions!!


Grades will not be released to the school until materials have been received back and logged into inventory! It is essential that the materials be sent back as soon as possible.

Use the prepaid label that arrived with the book or arrange to pay for shipping.

Attn: Missy Smith
Georgia Department of Education
Office of Technology Services
1966 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Contact the Instructor

The semester always goes by so quickly. I have really enjoyed working with your students in this online course. I hope they (and you) feel it was a worthwhile learning experience.