Maycomb Spectacluar

By Gabby and Kelbi

Mad-Dog Down

Atticus Finch, Local Maycomb Lawyer, shoots Tim Johnson, also known as Mad-Dog, with one shot. It was a calm, warm summer afternoon in Maycomb, Alabama on July 7th 1933, until a dog lost all control and began acting strangely.

"I never knew my father was so cool!" says Jem Finch, son of Atticus Finch.

Sheriff Heck Tate was at the scene and he said "i could not believe my eyes, one shot Finch was at it again! i made Finch shoot cause i was just too darn scared to miss and put the down in danger"

Harry Johnson, the owner of Tim Johnson said " He was always on some dog medications, and our doctor have us a different medicine to try, it all went wrong from there, i cant believe this happened to my dear ol'puppy. I don't know who will go hunting with me now."

Zebo, local garbage carrier, took the body of Mad-Dog to the Magee Foundation.

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Photo by: Heck Tate

The after math of Mad-Dog, he will be dearly missed

Tragic night for the Finches

Local kids get terrorized on Halloween night. Bob Ewell attacks the young Finch kids as they were walking home from the pageant. Jem Finch tries to protect his sister Scout when Mr. Ewell comes at them in the dark with a knife.

While all this was happening Scout Finch lays on the ground.

When asked what had happened Scout Finch, local kid of Atticus Finch, replied, “It all happened so fast. It was dark and I couldn’t see nothing. I fearfully heard Jem scream and that was it.”

Later, we got a hold of Heck Tate. He was startled at the experience.

When asked for what happened he replied, “Well Bob Ewell is dead. He attacked these poor kids and then fell on his own dang knife.”

Jem Finch, local school boy, is at home with a head and elbow injury. He is asleep but we have word that he is just fine.


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Hitler becomes Germany's dictator

After being named chancellor of Germany in 1933, a presidential election is held in 1934 that Hitler easily wins, partially because he vows to fight communism. He is now firmly in power as dictator of Germany with the title of Fuhrer.

Soon after Hitler is named Time Magazines “Man of the Year” due to his political dominance and being such as central figure in the world. The magazine describes the actions of his Nazi Party as "ruthless."

Germany’s government is on the edge of collapsing. Hitler has declared war with the United States. Roosevelt shows no fear as he stands guard to help out in the war. The war is to be declared World War 2.

Hitler currently invading Poland, leads to the British and French declaring war on Germany. Since Hitler found out he ordered an invasion on the Soviet Union. After Hitler failed to defeat the Soviet Union, he suffers serious defeats.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I must go on a rant here about why people think it is okay to call out a black man for committing a crime he didn't commit. I find it highly unnecessary that the jury found him guilty. This is all trash! He is innocent from the top of my hazel tree to the bottom of my....hazel tree! You nuisances are so uneducated! I find this trial to be completely disgraceful! As a matter of fact, this whole town is disgraceful! Y'all need to treat others with the dang respect they deserve.

Clearly this town needs a new leader! Good thing I am single and NOT ready to mingle, therefore I will be your leader. You will bow down! There will be money, handsome men, and ice-cream for all the youngsters.

Sorry, okay now back to my main point. Tom Robinson is innocent. The system of today is all wrong and I think we should do something about it.

Sincerely, Jean-Louise Finch


Mrs Dubose died peacefully on the evening of September 12th 1933 at the age of 93. The old and very opinionated Dubose will be missed by both family members and friends. WE don't quite know how Dubose died, all we know is that she went for her afternoon nap and never awoke. Rest in peace Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose.
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1 man vs the whole population

Could an innocent man be proven guilty? Tom Robinson put his word against two white people and was found guilty on the night of October 4th

1934. Atticus Finch, Robinson lawyer, fought and fought against Mayella and Bob Ewell. Finch didn’t win in the end.

Sheriff Heck Tate was first on the stand and after he said “that was my first time ever being on the stand and let me tell ya, that was very stressful, I hope to never do that again”

Next up was Bob Ewell, the father of Mayella Ewell “That Finch hasn’t seen the last of me, he better sleep with one eye open!”

Scout Finch, the daughter of Atticus Finch said “My father did amazing job and I am so proud of what he did for Mr. Tom, I just don’t any of it, it’s not fair!”

Robinson was then shot and killed while trying to escape the night after.

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

So recently I purchased one of those Gelbabbi Magee dolls, and it does not work! it doesn't function like the sales person said it would. it wont talk to me. It wont sing to me. It doesn't dance. It wont hug me when I want it too. It wont cry like a real baby. It doesn't need to be changed.

That one sales lady named Kelbi Jacobson said it would do all those things. She's such a liar. So she told me to go talk to the main base. I reached out to the president of the company. Gabby Knopik was the president. She said that its not suppose to move! What the pineapple tree is she talking about! she said it wasn't even advertised to do that stuff but my friend Stacey said it does that stuff. I am mad. I am ashamed. They need to fix their product today!

Sincerely, Reverend Sykes