Romeo and Juliet

Part one

Because Romeo killed himself, he is ultimately responsible for his death.

Romeo is responsible because he was the one who got banned in the first place and if he didn’t get banished Juliet wouldn’t have taken the potion that friar Laurence gave to her “And for that offence immediately exile him hence…” (Act: 3 Scene: 1 )

Because Romeo was banished he didn’t know that Juliet took a potion so he thought that she was actually dead. Romeo is also responsible because he made the mistake of thinking that Juliet is dead so he kills himself. “Did my heart love till now?”(Act: 1 Scene: 4 ). If Romeo didn’t go to the party he would’ve never met Juliet and he wouldn’t have been in the tomb to find Juliet “dead” and kill himself.


The death of my love will send me above.

There is no longer a reason to live therefore I will kill myself with a shiv.

I will use a different method the poison will be less violent than putting a knife through my head.

The death of me tonight will put others in shock as the poison kicks in i fall asleep to the tick tock of the clock.

Romeo killed himself because he loved Juliet so much he killed himself when he found her "dead". In the poem a man finds his wife dead and can't find anything else to live for. Eventually the man gets so sad that his love is gone he kills himself also.

Movie- Titanic

Titanic relates to Romeo being responsible because in the Titanic the captain (Bernard Hill) lets the water go through the glass without attempting to escape and killing himself. In Romeo and Juliet it is as if Romeo is the captain and Juliet is the Titanic. Once Romeo sees Juliet "dead" he kills himself and once the captain sees the Titanic going down he kills himself.