Coral Lunar Island Paradise


Be amazed by this amazing ecotourist friendly island

Coral Lunar has all the features of a normal island. The one thing that is different is that Coral Lunar is the most sustainable island in the asian region and possible the world! When you arrive in the Maldives you will instantly fall in love with the place. Instead of normal electricity we use the energy from the sun to fuel everything. The island doesn't use cars it uses bikes to get around and their are plenty of restaurants that use fresh local produce. The cabins are made out of recycled wood, so they are sustainable and coated with a special varnish that is naturally sourced and protects the wood from the climate. In Coral Lunar their are numerous amounts of protected forest to protect the earth and the animals that live there. Special marine biologists take you out on tours, so they know where to go and which is safe. On these trips you will great marine life. The beach in Coral Lunar are simply amazing and they are protected aswell with a boardwalk so save the flowers at the start of the beach. You can go on the beach aswell and relax. Bins are located all around the island and we strongly encourage no littering to preserve the island for future generations to keep it looking amazing. The Maldives is such an amazing place so Coral Lunar is spectacular. There is also a pool there made with fresh water so the chlorine doesn't harm your children or you! Freshwater ensures the surrounding environment doesn't get harmed or ruined by the chemicals, it is cleaned every single day. Coral Lunar has great hospitality, so come visit and have the best holiday you've had in a very long time.

Hope to see you soon!

Coral Lunar is located in the Maldives and water planes take you directly there once you have landed in Maldives.
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