A CandleZ Initiative

Analytics partner for International Council of Schools Cricket

“Cricket” as the name suggests, it is a competitive and popular sport that is played globally, but for a nation such as India, it is considered to be a religion that has unified people of vivid cultures.

By and large the role of technology has helped in the transformation of teams in general and players in particular. Every budding cricketer now has a leeway to improve, reflect and emulate themselves in becoming a better player. Making luxury affordable for many.

Timeline till Aug 2014

Jan - Beta launch & first tournament coverage

Feb - First Set of Analytics Integration, First Nationals coverage

Mar - Official Launch of the application at Delhi, Collaborative features on profile and


Apr - Analytics Integration Set 2, Amma


May – Nationals U 11, U 19 & U 17 (Chennai, Kerala & UP)

Jun – Beta launch of a new application

Jul – Corporate tournament coverages

Aug – Inter District tour coverage, Coverage of matches of premiere tournaments