Sleepless Students

and suffering grades

Kids Need More Sleep

Studies have shown that children and teens are becoming more and more sleep deprived. Students are becoming less productive effecting their grades, futures, and even hobbies. Teenagers ages thirteen to eighteen are supposed to have, "between nine and nine and a half hours of sleep" each night, according to the Nationwide Children's Hospital. The average teenager these days only gets around seven hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation in students is causing many grades to suffer. This leads to a lot of stress for the student and puts them under more pressure. These suffering grades and unsuccessful days in school could potentially have a negative effect on the student's future. After graduating, students could have a hard time finding a job. Looking at the big picture is important when considering the school starting times. Is it really worth risking a student's future all because of a loss of sleep?

Others may argue that teenagers should be getting used to less sleep, so that they may be well prepared for the busy life of an adult. This is not entirely accurate. While it is good to prepare a teen by giving them more responsibilities, they still need their sleep at this age. As an adult, you can actually get by perfectly fine with around seven to eight hours of sleep. This data is shown in the chart below.

With these things said, I believe that the Noblesville superintendent and others should reconsider giving students a little extra time to sleep at night. It would be beneficial to us all.

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