Bergen Belsen

By: Mya Miller

OverView of Bergen-Belsen

Bergen-Belsen was used as a concentration camp during the Holocaust. It was 11 miles north of Celle Germany. This concentration camp was in good condition compared to all the other camps. Also fun fact Anne Frank went to this camp. More then 35,000 people died of starvation at Bergen Belsen. Read the rest of this article to find out how people where killed, The experiments made on people, and also some things they did with the dead bodies.

How People Were Killed

They didn't have gas chambers here but alot of people died from brutality. Also they died from overworking and diseases.

Experiments Made on the People at Bergen Belsen

They put 250 people in barracks that could only hold 80-90 people in it and turned the stoves really high and lock all the windows and doors for 2 days. Then they would put a small kettle of food and water in front of the door and watched people get trampled to death.

What Happened to There Dead Bodies

They burned there bodies and used there ashes for fertilizer. Also they would shave there hair off and used it for to stuff pillows. The grosses part is that they use there body fat to make soap.

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