Friday, April 3, 2020

" To me, there are three things we all should do every day of our life. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two, think. You should spend some time in thought. Number three is you should have your emotions moved to tears, be it happiness or joy. Think about it. If you laugh, you think, you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're gonna have something special."

- Jim Valvano

Message from Superintendent Mueller

Good afternoon,

We are excited to launch our Distance Learning Plan (DLP) for all students in grades TK-12 on Monday, April 6th! On Monday at 9:00am, all parents will receive an email with instructions and links related to accessing the DLP for each grade level or course. DLP documents will also be posted to the CUSD website on April 6th for ease of access. We will continue to update the DLP on the website throughout school closure.

For your reference, here is the complete overview of the CUSD Distance Learning Plan.

We have received a number of questions and concerns regarding how students will be assessed during Distance Learning. In conversations with Superintendents across California, two models have emerged as the most viable options during these unprecedented times; to adjust all (TK-12) to a 'Pass/No Pass' grading system, or to honor existing grades from March 13th if students fulfill all Distance Learning requirements. Both scenarios provide opportunities for students who were failing (or at risk of failing) to earn full credit.

Understanding each proposal presents both obstacles and opportunities, we will continue to base our decisions on what is most equitable, accessible, and fair for each child we serve while taking into consideration college admissions/post-secondary implications, and the overall mental and physical health and wellness of our students.

By working in partnership with our amazing staff and closely monitoring/analyzing our first few weeks of Distance Learning, we will identify which assessment option best supports our commitment to connect, challenge, and champion every child, every day. We will update our community when we determine our course of action as it relates to assessing student performance. It would be irresponsible for us to commit to one system or another prior to implementing our DLP. These are uncharted waters, with significant implications for our students, and we simply don't know what we don't know - yet. Please trust that we will wait until we have more data and information before a decision is made that will affect the future aspirations of our student body.

In the meantime, please encourage your child to fully engage in the experiences our educators have designed for them, participate in teacher 'office hours', and share feedback with us via

Laugh, Think, Cry; enjoy your weekend.


Karl Mueller


A Message from the CHS ASB & Mrs. Belong

With all of the changes that have transpired over the course of the last three weeks, I want you to know that none of the CHS May or June student activities have been canceled at this time. Prom, Powderpuff, Faculty basketball, Senior Activities, Grad Night, Graduation etc... are all presently still being planned. The CHS ASB is working optimistically right now as if we will return in May. While our current focus is making the events happen at the originally scheduled time and date, we are also brainstorming ideas for how to host these major events should we return in June, and even if we do not return at all. While this is a dynamic scenario that changes by the day, we are ready to plan and host celebrations while keeping health and safety recommendations at the forefront of our planning.

Class of 2020, we love you, we are thinking about you, and we will celebrate you!

CHS students, make sure you are following ASB Instagram accounts listed below. ASB will be rolling out some fun ways to stay connected as an Islander family during this time of distance learning, starting this next week. CHS students should also all be added to our "Islanders" Powerschool page at this time. If you need to be added to that page, please email me at

CHS ASB Instagram @coronadoasb

Class of 2020 Instagram: @coronadohighschool2020

Class of 2021 Instagram: @chsclassof.2021

Class of 2022 Instagram: @coronado.2022

Class of 2023 Instagram: @chsclassof.2023


Breaking News from CIF

Below is the State CIF Press Release sent today (4/3):

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – Based on the recent statements issued by Governor Newsom and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, regarding schools turning to distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) does not see an avenue for the spring sports season to continue. As such, in consultation today with the 10 Section Commissioners, the decision has been made to cancel spring Section, Regional, and State Championship events.

We understand this is disappointing for everyone involved in education-based athletics and empathize with our student-athletes and all who are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. As always, our top priority is everyone's ongoing health and safety during this challenging time, and we all look forward to the day when education-based athletics resumes.

CUSD Grab-and-Go Meal Service & Easter Surprise!

Grab-and-Go Meal Service at Village Elementary and Silver Strand

Beginning April 6th - Every Monday (with the exception of 4/13 'holiday' - pick up 4/14)

Location: Multi-Purpose Rooms at VES (H Street) and Silver Strand Elementary

Distribution Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM

Beginning on April 6th, all families with children 18 and under will be able to pick up free breakfast and lunch meals via curb-side pick-up. Each child will receive one hot lunch (a slice of Papa John’s cheese pizza) and a bag that contains 5 days’ worth of meals for breakfast and lunch. Meals may consist of packaged, refrigerated, and/or frozen items (heating instructions will be provided). Children are not required to be students of Coronado Unified School District. While the original program was designed to serve families in free/reduced priced status, we are making extra meals to serve our entire school community. This is free for all children, regardless of meal status. – please spread the word.

In partnership with the City of Coronado Recreation Department, Easter Bags with treats will be distributed this Monday (4/6) to families as they pick up meals!! Thank you, City of Coronado!!

Students who are receiving meals are encouraged to be physically present at the time of pick-up. Additionally, adults may pick up meals for students not present by printing and submitting this form at the time of pick-up. All meals will be distributed curb-side to decrease the risk of exposure. Only those in cars will be served meals during this pick-up window, no walk ups or bicycles allowed in order to maintain social distancing. If you are unable to pick-up meals by car, please email on or before Friday, April 3 at noon and we will schedule an alternative window to pick-up a meal.

Adhere to Social Distancing

Please be mindful of, and responsive to, all guidance provided from Federal, State, and Local first responders and health practitioners regarding the need for social distancing. We know that self-quarantining efforts will ensure your safety. We also know that some of our students are not practicing social and physical distancing. Remember, while you believe that you may not get sick, you may unknowingly spread the virus to others and/or extend the timeline on state and local restrictions for congregating with others. Everyone has a role in this pandemic; everyone has a responsibility. Prevent onward transmission to protect yourself, your loved ones, and our community. We are encouraging compliance for all as the longer individuals are violating recommended distancing, the longer we will all be sequestered.
Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing
Animated match-burning video shows how social distancing can stop the spread of Covid-19

About CUSD

Coronado Unified School District is a K-12 public school district in San Diego County located across the harbor from San Diego, California.