Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of April 11th

Things to remember...

Wow! We are quickly approaching the end of the year. I'm afraid that our class behavior is showing it! We had WAY too much talking and off task behavior last week. Please take a few minutes to discuss the importance of buckling down and finishing out our year strong. Every student needs to stop talking and get to work!

I will be rolling out a new contest soon that will focus on good behavior in class in the hallways. Stay tuned!

This week we will learn...


Journeys, Unit 6, Lesson 28

Spelling Words- my, fly, pie, light, try, by, night, cried, myself, sky, dry, brighter

Bonus Words- across, head, second, heard, should


We will be finishing up our unit on money, take the Module 9 Assessment, and begin Module 20 on Financial Literacy.


STEMScopes unit, Interdependancy


Studies Weekly unit, Week 27, Spend or Save

have a great weekend!!