Night At The Oscars!

Enjoy movies and documentaries throughout the evening.

Coming Soon to Theaters...

Sibling Nature is a documentary by Kaylie Nudelman. It focuses on why siblings fight and it includes interviews from sibling pairs. A must-see for the whole family.

-Susan Starr

Night at the Oscars

Monday, June 1st, 7pm

901 Orange Ave

Cranford, NJ

One guest will see 12 films, but not the whole thing. A minute and a half of the 12 films will be shown. Oscars ends at 9:00 for the elementary schoolers and 9:20 for the middle-schoolers.


7:00- Guests arrive and sit through a 45 minute presentation.

8:00- First Showing

8:20- Second Showing

8:40- Third Showing

9:00- Final Showing
9:20- Guests Leave

(Each showing includes 3-4 people)

Nudelman Studios

Nudelman studios was founded my twin brother and I. We created it during a project in the Pathways to Excellence program (P2E program). We had to make a movie, and we needed a creator studio. That is how Nudelman Studios was born. We currently have two loyal employees.