By: Quinten Eberly


Cryptospordiosis killed eight million this year. It goes into your small intestine and sticks. This smore will tell you all about cryptospordiosis. Such as related diseases, causes, symptoms, and much, much more.

Related Diseases

Some related diseases are C. Hominis, Microsporidia, and Cyclospora Cayatensis. They all cause intestinal problems. They are also all protozoan parasites. That makes them all part of the same family.

Where it Lives

Cryptosporidium parasites live in cow feces, which may get into your water. They also live in your water. They also live in infected water and they are mostly immune to chlorine. Once you swallow the cryptosporidium parasites, they go into your small intestine and live in your small intestine.
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Many causes of cryptosporidiosis are drinking contaminated water, eating contaminated food, or swimming and accidentally swallowing infected water. You could also get infected by touching a contaminated object and then touching your mouth or nose. Another way to get infected is to be close to people that are infected.


In order to avoid getting crytposporidiosis, you can practice good hygeine by washing your hands after contact with animals. You can limit swimming because parasites are strong against chlorine and other purifiers. Another way to avoid getting cryptosporidiosis is by boiling your water before you drink it to kill cryptosporidium parasites.


Watery diarrhea is a symptom for cryptosporidiosis. Another few symptoms are lack of appetite, vomiting and of course, weight loss. You can also have stomach cramps and stomach pain, fever and nausea. The last problem would be dehydration. As you can see, cryptosporidiosis is a very painful and dangerous disease.


There is no reliable vaccine or treatment, however, some things help with getting rid of cryptosporidiosis. There are only short term treatments which could be a problem. Also, antibiotics don't usually help, so why would you use them? They are only used as a last resort and are only used for really bad cases, such as infants or people with a compromised immune system. Sometimes intravenous fluids are required, and, because there is no vaccine, sometimes there are relapses and you get another whole round of watery diarrhea.
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Even though there is no vaccine, there are still short term treatments. Such as anti parasitic drugs, which help kill the parasites. Anti motility agents, fluid replacement and anti retroviral therapies. Diarrhea is managed with fluid replacement, and even though their is no vaccine, the majority of immunocompetent patients get better without treatment.


Cryptosporidiosis can have many consequences, it can lead to malnutrition, because of all of the diarrhea and vomiting. Also, your body could be not getting a lot of the important nutrients you need. Another consequence could be wasting, where you just keep on losing strength and energy until you just totally fade away. That would not be good at all, so if you think that you have cryptosporidiosis, get medical help immediately so that you don't have to go through all of the horrible problems. There is no vaccine, and that is why so many people die from cryptosporidiosis each year.

Organs that are Infected

Organs that get infected would be a huge problem because you could painfully have stomach problems. The only major organ that cryptosporidiosis infects is the small intestine, obviously, because it goes straight into it and causes problems. That's why it could be life-threatening with a compromised immune system, it's right in the core.
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The areas in the world where cryptosporidium parasites infect are all over the world, because it can live in drinking water. Since it lives in drinking water, it doesn't need to worry about the climate. Even though it is all around the world, it mostly infects people in third world countries because they don't have access to safe drinking water. Also, if people in third world countries swim in a river or something, that could infect them.

Problems to be Treated

Some problems that are treated are pretty bad but can be treated rather well. Dehydration is with treated with drinking water that has been purified 100% of cryptosporidium parasites. That obviously gets your body hydrated and gives it strength to fight off the infection. Weight loss is treated with eating a lot of lactose free foods which will help because they are easy on your stomach. A problem that isn't easily treated is the inflammation of the bile duct. Diarrhea is treated with anti-parasitic drugs, which are nice, because nobody likes watery diarrhea.

Length of Sickness

Cryptosporidosis has an incubation time of 2-10 days, so you could infect people and you wouldn't even know. That could be really bad. Symptoms will last from 2-30 days, which is from a weekend to a month for weaker people. The length of this sickness can last even longer and eventually kill people with compromised immune systems.


Cryptosporidiosis is one of the most dangerous diseases. It is a horrible disease that has no vaccine, and as killed eight million people this year. It is a disease that goes into our small intestine and sticks there. It causes watery diarrhea. It also causes weight loss and vomiting. The incubation time is 2-10 days and it can last for up to a month. Cryptosporidiosis is a protozoan parasite. It attacks the small intestine and is lethal. Cryptosporidiosis is a horrible disease that you would never want to get.
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