Come on down to the civilizations of Mesoamerica.


The Mayas are from the highlands and lowlands of Mexico, close to Guatemala in South Mexico. They use hieroglyphics for a language and writing system. The Mayas came up with the Math system and the calendar with 365 days.


The Incas are from the western side of Peru and extends over 2,500 miles to the Argentina Mountains. Inca culture does not have a writing system but they have a record system called Quipu. (Knots tied to colored rope of varied sizes. They also came up with many effective ways to cure illnesses. They were the very first people to preform a successful brain surgery and blood transfusions.


The Aztecs are from the Northwest Dessert of Mexico built on a lake. They use pictures and symbols to represent ideas. Some of their inventions include books and calendars, one for religion and one for farming.

Farming Methods

Mayas: The Mayas dug canals to water their plants like squash, corn, and chilly peppers.

Incas: The Incas had to cut into the mountains to get most of their land to farm. They usually grew corn and potatoes.

Aztecs: The Aztecs built artificial gardens and fields out on the lake. They grew corn, coco beans, and squash.


Mayas: They made up the Math System and and gave us the number zero. The Mayas also came up with a calendar with 365 days.

Incas: The Incas came up with many effective ways to cure illnesses. They were the first ever people to complete a successful brain surgery.

Aztecs: The Aztecs were really good a making water ways. They also came up with books and two calendars. One for farming and one for religion.

Cultural Traditions

Mayas: The Mayas played a ball game.

Incas: They were great at medicine and building. They also used a lot of gold in their art work.

Aztecs: They were great at building and made temples, city walls, they made gold beads, poetry, stone urns, and feather head dresses.