BMS Primary IT Developments

Sharing news of technology initiatives in the Primary School

We are delighted to be able to share this update with you regarding a variety of projects, initiatives and developments in the area of Information Technology for teaching and learning in the Primary School. Our Primary School EdTech teacher/coordinator, Tommy Clarke, has been working to develop further technology integration into teaching and learning in the Primary School. This has involved team teaching with colleagues and reviewing our curriculum with the objective of identifying where we can enhance teaching and learning through the effective use of technology.

We have three major projects that we have been planning for over the last year and would like to share these with you for the upcoming semester.

Grade 1-3 iPad Integration

As part of our vision to increase access and flexibility with the use of technology, we have invested in 90 new iPads for the Primary School. This will enable teachers and students to have permanent access in their classrooms to a set of 6 iPads that can be used in a meaningful and engaging way to enrich learning and support the development of essential digital literacy skills, knowledge and understanding.

All Grade 1 – 3 classrooms have been equipped with a secure charging/storage cabinet in which the class set of iPads can be stored. In addition, our Learning Support, EAL & GAL departments will also have a set of iPads which they can use with students during their in class support or small group lessons.

Our Grade 4 & 5 students will share a set of 35 iPads and a set of 22 Macbooks that we currently have to support them with their continued use of technology as part of their learning.

In February, we will be sending home further information regarding this implementation and we will be preparing students with a series of sessions to develop their understanding of safe and responsible use of technology. We will be asking parents and students to read and sign our Acceptable Use Policy which outlines how we all agree to use any digital tool in BMS.

Digital Workshops Grade 2–5

We have been collaborating with Fox and Sheep, a local technology company, who are tailoring a digital workshop series of lessons throughout the second semester for all students in Grade 2 – 5. These digital workshops will take place every second week for each Grade 2-5 class in the Primary School and are designed to support our students with the development of essential digital literacy skills and introduce or develop further their understanding of coding. Class teachers will accompany their classes for these sessions, which will be held next door to school on Linienstraße. A parent information session will be held on Wednesday 27th January at 18.00 in our cafeteria and following this a detailed fact sheet of (FAQ) frequently asked questions will be sent to all parents. We are very excited to launch what we believe is a wonderful opportunity for our students to broaden their knowledge and understanding of how to safely explore using technology and encourage their creativity in developing content themselves!

BMS Blogs!

A further project that we are preparing to start with during the second semester is the introduction of a blogging platform for our students and teachers. We have created a whole Primary School blog site and will gradually be starting to share our learning with you through use of this collaborative platform. Look out for more news and links to this in the coming months!