Prenatal Development

Germinal, Embryonic, and Fetal


-0-2 weeks

-fertilzation occurs

-cells divide

-egg implants into uterus

-Amnion fluid, placenta, and umbilical cord form


2-9 weeks

-internal organs forming and functioning

-vertebrae and spinal cord forming

-limbuds are appearing

-eyes and ears forming

-heart begans to beat

-looks like a tiny tadpole


-limbs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes forming

-facial features forming

-langugo growing

-eyebrows and eyelashes appear

-vernix covers body

-webbing between fingers and toes disappear

-starts moving

-making blood cells

fingerprints form

-week 12, kidneys produce urine

-begans hearing at 5 months

-bones form at 5 months

baby turns at 8 months preparing for birth

Normal symptoms during pregnancy

-missed menstrual period

-swollen breasts


-morning sickness

-urge to urinate due to pressure on bladder

-increased appitite

-enlarged abdomen

-weight gain


Diary of an unborn baby

Healthy things to do during pregnancy

-take prenatal vitamins

-eat healthy

-dont do any drugs

-visit the doctors regularly (prenatal appointments)

-exercise moderately

-keep stress low

-get a good amount of sleep