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November 16, 2015 - SUCCESS STORY

The tragedy of what has happened in Paris is a reminder of the type of world we live in and the many opinions that exist inside of it. It is heart wrenching to hear the stories of the lives impacted by terrorism. There have been suggestions e-mailed to us about how to approach the topic as students return to our care on Monday use the ideas as you may like or as you need. I believe that we are doing what we can already with our students to prepare them for many things they will see in their future. Here's what I mean:

Project Ripple Effect is teaching students to care for those inside of our community by being the example. Rachel's Challenge is letting our students know that we should look for the best in others, dream big, pick positive influences, speak with kindness, and start a chain reaction. These are things within our control. Beta Club is continuing to do their charitable work for our students through their words and actions. FCA is meeting to continue their growth and journey in faith. Athletes entertain us with their talents multiple times a week. Scholars' Bowl Teams take our name to tournaments and show how important preparation is to maintain excellence. Student Library Committee members organize and help keep order to the stacks of books students need to check out and continue to explore exotic worlds.

The engine for it all is our faculty and staff. Our students may or may not have questions about the events of the weekend and our response will be to continue to do things we do. We will be consistent in our commitment to safety, building relationships, providing rigorous and relevant lessons and engage in real-world experience for our students to learn from each and every day. These are the things within our control.

We are Monrovia. I am thankful for being a part of what you do in creating success stories.

A Teacher Appreciation Story that Inspires
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November 6 - Steven Woods

November 10 - Jan Tielking

November 14 - Lucy Puckett

November 19 - William Clark

November 20 - Tom Phelps

November 21 - Brad Hulman

November 21 - Deanna Miles

November 24 - Chip Sikes

November 28 - Yolanda Patton

Calendar of Events

November 16 - Basketball - MMS @ BMS - 4:30 PM - Away

November 17 - 6th Grade Grandparents' Day

November 17 - Basketball - MMS vs Randolph - 4:30 PM - Home

November 18 - Canvas Training Opportunity @ 3:45

November 19 - 6 Weeks Progress Reports Sent Home

November 19 - Coffee Shop Thursday

November 19 - Book Fair Ends

November 19 - 6th Grade Student Faculty Basketball Game

November 19 - Basketball - MMS vs SMS - 4:30 PM - Home

November 20 - 7th & 8th Grade Student Faculty Basketball Game

November 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break

Support our Beta Club's Canned Food Drive through November 16