Africa PBL

African Rainforest


  • Home of half the continents animal species
  • Africas vast forest is being cut down
  • One of the worst casses of forest exploitation took place in the Congo Republic
  • Rainforest countries are torn between endangered rainforest and the need for money
  • Poachers are taking Chimpanzees and Gorrillas

Poeple of the Rainforest

  • Since the stone age Pygmies have inhabbited Africa
  • They are groups of native hunters and gatherers
  • These groups usally do not get taller than five feet tall
  • They depend on the rainforest eco-system
  • Diferent groups have different religions and custums

Animals of the Rainforest

400 species of birds
150 species of butterflies
60 species amphibians
African forest elephants
Black Columbus monkey
Pygmy hippopotamus
Driver ants
Grey parrot


  • Congo river basin
  • Great rift valley
  • Mount margherita
  • Sahel