Life before the constitution

By Jacob Collins

Enslaved African American

I am just another slave with a dream of freedom. I have to get up every dawn work the fields when it gets dark and do it again tomorrow. The worse part about is that at every moment of my day I can hear the talk about how the revolution has giving freedom to all and it almost breaks my heart hearing it. All I want is freedom for us slaves. Then the thought of what I would ended up becoming if I got my freedom it wouldn't matter i'd just end up being stuck being a farmer without any work or anything to live off of it might truly be hopeless.


I am the a banker who is getting angrier and angrier with the world. As I am a banker I make loans all the time and expect to be paid in intrest when they pay me back but ever since those debtors came around saying you an pay back in anything of value. Now I receive cows and corn instead of my money. Along with the fact the courts cant put them in jail because the poor are attacking the courts when they try and make a meeting down here in Massachusetts. Recently theirs been news from the government that they are going to pay off all the bonds in cash so now i'm going to be rich.


I am a shoemaker I am in debt live is hard I only get paid for the amount of shoes I make. I used to be a soldier in the revolutionary war and it semt like an east way of life but now that the state voted against the paper money theirs less money and prices drop to keep costumers but if i do that ill never repay my debt. But the only good news i'm hearing is that a new government will be made but I fear if it is for the worse of the better. The banks are giving us IOU's so we know they owe us money but I don't know if I can last with an economy like this.