Red Haute Rubies April Incentive

Open for all LINES!

How do you win?!

Twice a year only Stylists can collect Hostess Rewards. This is a GREAT TIME! Book a Trunk Show in the LOUNGE under YOUR name. When the system generates a Trunk Show link for that specific show, start marketing it everywhere! Create a Red Stamp and text out to shop our Autism Boutique, Email a SMORE flyer like this one ( or create a Facebook Event for people to shop for Mother's Day, call past customers and give them this link to shop our new SUMMER LINE! You get the idea. By doing this you are earning commission (25-30%) you are racking up Hostess Rewards to earn some of the new line that is launching to build up your display AND you are racking up BUSINESS SUPPLY credits that you can use to order LOOK BOOKS and anything else you need to market your biz. What a WIN/WIN!

On top of all of the great things this will do for you and your customers I have a challenge for you. The Red Haute Ruby that has the largest sales in their personal TRUNK SHOW will receive the JET SET Summer Bag as a PRIZE from me. This is a must have for Summer to use and have out on your display. Isn't it so cute to ROCK your Summer?!

Don't know how to do this whole Personal Trunk Show deal or need some help setting this up? NO PROBLEM. Call your sponsor and they can help you or call me. I would love to help build your sales and business in April to kick off your Spring and Summer!



Incentive By: Lori Tahsler, Director

Katy Perry - Firework