The Sparkly Side - July Team News

A round-up of all the Summer action to grow your business

Follow the New 2-2-4-2 Success System!

July is all about Play! Summertime is such a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors and reconnect with friends. While everything takes on an easier, laid-back vibe, it's a great time to book trunkshows. So while everyone is in a great mood, why not suggest 'Sangria and Sparkle' or 'Bubbles and Bling'?

HOW? Two emails per day to warm-up potential Hostesses...followed by two phone calls the next day to see what they think? How hard can it be? THAT'S the secret to simple booking.

What's the new 2-2-4-2 Success System at Stella & Dot?

2 New Conversations a Day

2 Online Orders a Week

4 Trunkshows a Month

2 New Stylists a Month

= Your business ROCKETS!

We have monthly training meetings for Stylists across the country (and world). The next Cheshire Stylist Meet up is Wednesday 8th July (upstairs room) at The Kingfisher, Regency Way, Northwich. CW9 8UW. Everyone is welcome. Please note that the FULL CALENDAR YEAR of Stylist Meet ups for Cheshire and the North West groups is posted on the 'Team Mhari Facebook Page'. If you want to find a previous post, just use the magnifying glass to search 'Cheshire Stylist Meet-Up' and then you can add all the dates to your diary. Alternatively click here to book on.

If you live in the United States, Germany, Ireland - or elsewhere in the world...please see EVENTS on the Stylist Lounge so that you can attend your local Stylist Meet up and Training.

Bringing Hoopla Home

If you attended Hoopla this year, you will still be buzzing from all the excitement! If you didn't, then the GREAT NEWS is that we will be bringing YOU all the highlights. Hoopla is our Annual Training Conference. Did you know that Stylists who attended last year grew their businesses by 380% ? You won't want to misss Bringing Hoopla Home. There are rallies taking place all over the country. Come to see the NEW AUTUMN COLLECTION, LEARN NEW STYLIST TIPS, AND THE UPCOMING SEASON FASHION TRENDS:

St Albans - SATURDAY 18th July

Manchester - SATURDAY 18th July 9.30am - 1.30pm venue TBC

Edinburgh - MONDAY 20th July

Dublin - TUESDAY 21st July

Basingstoke - SATURDAY 25th July

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Starting this Monday 7th July... The start of a 4 week call series by Directors of the team. Please join us each week to get your business off to a great start & if you joined in June learn how to get your £169 rebate back! Please note that if you are a NEW STYLIST and you are not already on our Team Facebook Page, you WILL be missing out on free jewellery giveaway, incentives, and training news. Just befriend me first here and I will add you to the PRIVATE GROUP if you message and remind me xxx
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Shine Bright in July


Sell 500 PQV in the first 2 weeks of July and get your hands on £25/€30 in Product Credit and an invitation to a Qualifiers Champagne Toast at the Bringing Hoopla Home Rallies! Sell another 500 PQV and get another £25/€30 in Product Credit…another 500 PQV…another £25/€30! You get the picture – you can keep stacking up Product Credit no matter how much you sell in these first 14 days! And once you’ve stacked it up, we’ll make sure it gets added in time to sample the gorgeous new Autumn Collection (launching on the 16th July to Hoopla attendees and Associate Directors+ and all Stylists on the 17th July).

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Sales in JUNE 2015 (PQV divide by 1.2 for pounds sterling)

1. Emma Hall 5,391.41

2. Stephanie Smith 2,440.26

3. Angela Parker 2,365.6

4. Kelly Jones 2,357

5. Amy Taylor 2,255.92

6. Nicola Gunn 1,921.52

7. Kirsty Grosvenor 1,899.95

8. Vivienne Smith 1,676.26

9. Lisa Woods 1,488.1

10. Melanie Ashworth 1,224.75

11. Laura Lovell 1,215

12. Gretta Peters 1,192.38

Welcome to the Business

Welcome to all the New Stylists (pictured below) who have joined us in the last few weeks. If you are a newbie and really want to make this business work, there is a great New Stylist training call that you can dial in to tonight at 8.30pm (JUST SCROLL UPWARDS FOR THE DETAILS). All you have to do is dial the number, when prompted key in the pin number, and just listen :-) Super simple! Questions afterwards if you need to ask any.

July Trunkshow Exclusive Offers

Don't forget to offer all your customers this amazing deal for July!!! When they Spend £50 they can get all these items at 50% discount. PRINT this out from the Stylist Lounge and take to all your trunkshows (don't forget these offers change at the start of every month!) The TSEO (Trunkshow Exclusive Offers) can be found under 'Marketing Materials' on the Lounge.
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And the WINNER is...

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Last month I offered everyone the chance to win a Utopia necklace (worth £170) - just for booking trunkshows and sponsoring. Thanks to everyone who entered. And the winner is ANGELA PARKER!!!!!!!

Attract some extra online sales this month!

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Do you know anyone who LOVED the Zoe Lariat necklace? We have a new colour way coming out in JULY, so it's a great time to email your past customers and let them know that a new Zoe is on its way - you can have a list of orders ready to go when it comes in #happydays!

Contact me

Please feel free to give me a call, email, or message me if you would like any help with your business.

Mhari xoxo