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Information For Pathfinder Families / January 14th


Managing The Pandemic / Substitutes Needed


You have most likely heard a lot about staffing shortages in schools throughout the metro area. To be as transparent as possible Pathfinder is being impacted by the shortage due to staff illness and lack of substitutes. We begin with finding coverage for classrooms as that has the greatest impact on students. At times we are needing to cancel specific content area classes (Reading Improvement, English Learning classes), or we are utilizing staff who are not directly supervising students (Library Aide, Behavior Coach, Instructional Coach). Our coverage process is on a rotating basis so that we are not continually canceling the same content areas.

The main reason we are communicating this information to you is so that you know our plan for continuing the educational process at Pathfinder. However, I do have alternative means for getting this communication out!

WE ARE IN NEED OF SUBSTITUTES! If you or you know of someone who may want to substitute in our schools please apply using the below link.

  • Applicants will need to have at least 60 college credit hours
  • Provide transcripts, and complete a background check.
  • There will be an onboarding plan to help answer any questions you have regarding the substitution process.
  • Substitutes are able to choose if they want to substitute for elementary, middle, or at the high school level. You are also able to pick the number of days that you may be available to substitute. Substitute
  • Teacher pay is $105.00 a day or $14.00 an hour. A full day for a Substitute Teacher is 7.5 hours a day. If a Substitute Teacher works 6.5 hours a day they are paid the full $105.00. If a Substitute works less than 6.5 hours a day, they are paid hourly.
Substitute Opportunities

This link will get you started with the substitute application process!


2nd Quarter Report Cards

Friday morning, you will receive your child's second quarter report card via email. Please review the report card and talk with your child regarding his or her progress. Make sure you are celebrating all of the success that your child is making, and work together with your child to set some goals for the third quarter. Below you will find a specific grade level guide to standards based grading. This document will help you understand our grading process and what is expected of your child at each grade level. If you have any questions regarding your child's report card please contact your child's teacher.


Student Leadership Team Summary / January 12th

Wow....our Pathfinder leaders were hard at work on Wednesday, January 12th. Please take a look at the great things our students are doing for our school and community. We love seeing our students' voices be heard as they continue to lead and make Pathfinder a better place!


Pathfinder Student Leadership Showcase / February 9th

Your child's teacher will send out a sign up on January 14th for families to select a time for our Spring Student Leadership Showcase on February 9th. Don't forget to bring your student with you as they will be the ones leading their showcase! Our showcase will be from 4:30 to 7:30, and all families will be asked to sign up for a designated time.

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Inclement Weather Information

Click here for information on school cancellations/modifications due to inclement weather, how the District will notify parents, as well as information on recess, Y Club, and Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Days. For the 2021-22 school year, PCR-3 will implement traditional inclement weather days (no school and no virtual learning), until we reach a threshold that would push the school year past Memorial Day. We will make those days up per our academic calendar, and if we go past four inclement weather days, we will implement our Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Days.


Mask Ordinance Reinstated for Schools in Kansas City, MO (Pathfinder Elementary and Barry School)

The Kansas City, Missouri City Council voted to reinstate the mask ordinance for students, faculty, and visitors in all buildings that are in the Kansas City, MO city limits. This ordinance does impact Pathfinder Elementary and Barry School. Beginning January 9th through February 3rd masks will be required in Pathfinder and Barry schools. If you have questions and/or concerns with regard to this ordinance, please contact the Kansas City Mayor's office and/or City Council members.

Link to: KCMO Mask Ordinance

COVID-19 Health, Safety, and Mitigation Strategies

In December, the Board of Education approved the District’s latest version of the School Opening Plan, outlining a shift from universal masking to masks being recommended in school buildings. Static seating charts, physical distancing to the extent possible, and masking on buses per federal order are still in place. Contact tracing procedures have shifted to the local health departments of Platte County Health Department or Kansas City Health Department on COVID-19-related matters.

Families, students and staff are expected to continue to report suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 to Dr. Jen Beutel, or 816.858.5420 ext. 2199. The Centers for Disease Control issued new guidance for individuals positive for COVID-19, changing isolation to five days from symptom onset, provided symptoms are resolving and the individual is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. The CDC recommends masking for an additional five days.


After School Community Opportunities

As we begin the second semester of the school year we have a lot of after school community opportunities for all ages. All of the images are linked and will take you to the program's flier. The winter months can drag on so we encourage you to sit down with your child and check out some of these fun programs to possibly get involved in!





Awesome Students with Technology Challenge

The Academic Services Department is sponsoring and supporting a fun challenge for our 3rd-5th grade students district-wide. If your child would like to join the AST (Awesome Students with Technology) Challenge have your child follow the directions below.

What is it? Students engage in self-directed lessons to complete a project. List of Topics Here

How long will it take to complete? Some topics are 90 minutes, and some are up to 9 hours.

How much time does a student have to complete the challenge? January- May 1

Who will support my child during their learning? Dr. Jen McClure, Director of Elementary Education. She will come by schools to check in with students who are participating.

Questions? or 816-858-5420

To enroll your child in this free experience:

1. Go to

2. Click "sign in" in the top right corner

3. Sign in with student google account

4. Click "I am a student"

5. Click "Join a class" and enter class code 4xshy4






Pathfinder Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Pathfinder Breakfast Menu

Rise And Shine For A Healthy Start!

Pathfinder Lunch Menu

Eat Up Pathfinder Pirates!


Text Notifications

The District uses text messaging and automated phone calls to notify parents of upcoming events and days off, school closings due to weather, and during emergency situations. Newly enrolled families will automatically receive an opt-in message from 67587. If you missed it, simply text “Yes” to 67587 to receive text messages.


Pathfinder Resource Checklist

Hello Pirate Families! At the beginning and middle of each school year, we ask parents and guardians to fill out our Resource Checklist on paper. This year we are asking you to complete the Resource Checklist electronically using this form. This brief questionnaire is your School Social Worker's first and primary way to help you access support services. It also lets us know if you are interested in giving back to your school community. Please do not hesitate to contact your School Social Worker if you have any questions.
Pathfinder Resource Needs Checklist

If you have further questions please contact our school social work, Heather Schuller, at


January Parent Calendar

Please click here to access our Pathfinder parent calendars for the month of January.


Keep In Contact With Us!

We want families to stay connected to all Pathfinder information. In addition, we invite you to visit our social media and platforms below.

You can always pick up the phone and give us a call anytime. The school number is 816.436.6670. If you have a specific question for administration, please email us at (Dr. Devin Doll, Principal) or (Mrs. Anna Bohn, Assistant Principal).


Thank you to our Pirates R.O.C.K. Stars!