6th Grade Happenings!

What's been going down in Room 225

Our Class in a Nutshell

These 6th graders have been doing some amazing things in our classroom and I wanted to find a convenient way to share with you how AWESOME the students in room 225 really are. Take a peek into some of the happenings in our 6th grade haven.

February Book Projects

For the month of February the students needed to pick important quotations from their independent reading texts. We talked about how important quotations are to a text and how they really can connect the reader to the story. These awesome 6th graders produced phenomenal art projects that are now filling our hallway and they look fantastic. Students needed to pick five of the most important quotations to elaborate on and connect to the plot or theme of the text. They are perfect book advertisements too! I love hearing kids say "OH, I want to read this one!" when admiring their peers' work.


This month we also did a Doodle4Google project. This is a national competition where students come up with their own logo for Google. The theme this year is if you could invent one thing to make the world a better place... We started out by talking about where we spend our day, Central Road. Could we possibly think of 101 things to improve CR? Amazingly, it was DIFFICULT. We are part of such a fantastic learning community already! Then I posed a couple terms to the students - technology, soldiers, people, kids, animals, our community, health, the environment, and the elderly. We then brainstormed and discussed issues that all of these groups might face. Each student found one issue that spoke to them and created their own Google logo to pose a possible solution and raise awareness for that issue. It was a great lead into our next research paper on charities and the creation of our very own public service announcements. One of my favorite things about 6th grade is not only teaching the academics, but the foundations of being a good citizen - it wouldn't be successful without the outstanding group of kids I get to spend every day with!

Bye, Bye, Egypt - Hello, Earth Processes!

I wanted to also thank you for all of your support with the Egypt projects. I know elaborate projects at home can be quite the task, but they turned out BEAUTIFULLY! We had a fantastic time looking at all of the projects in 6th grade. Next up in Science we will be studying Earth processes - volcanoes, earthquakes, and plate tectonics galore!