Chrome Apps for Mobile Learning

Educational apps for use in K - 12 setting.

Educational Chrome Apps for K - 12 Use

All of the following apps are easy to use, user friendly and free to sign up for! They are here for you because they are all great educational tools that will improve the teaching and learning in your classrooms!


TodaysMeet is a great app where teachers can create a private chat room for their students! Teachers and students can post text, videos, images and more in the chat room. Once finished the conversation can be saved and revisited at a later date.


GeoGebra is a fantastic app that aids teaching and learning in math. This program is an interactive math program which gives students hands on learning experiences. From shapes, geometry, algebra, fractions to linear equations this apps has it! GeoGebra also allows the teacher to upload interactive worksheets for their students.


Quizlet is a mobile app which helps students to prepare for exams! Students can study from pre-existing flashcard sets, create their own flashcard sets or search for flashcard sets on this app. Teachers can also put their students in to groups to study together and view each others flashcards!


Prezi is a great app which allows teachers and students to create engaging presentations. Prezi allows users to create presentations directly from the chrome app and also edit previously made presentations from any mobile device.


PrimaryPad is a collaborative tool which allows teachers and students to effectively and efficiently collaborate via text. Each user is shown as a different colour to differentiate who said what. Also on each collaborative pad there is a chat box to allows its users to chat about the document they are creating together!