The New York Detective

By: David Valdovinos

Greenwhich Village, New York 1954

New York is a wonderful place where there is always something new going on around you, but if play close attention to your surroundings, it seems like theirs a mystery going on. Recently a wife has been murdered by her husband known as Mr.Thorwald. Witnesses have seen him making frequent trips in the middle of the night. He was also seen cleaning up a knifes and wiping down the bathroom walls. Furthermore, theirs always an empty bedroom, jewelry, purse, and the neighbors dog sniffing the garden as if there is something there. This was enough evidence to catch the eye of Jeff. He contacted the local police and explained to them what was going on. When Mr. Thorwald found out about Jeff's plan to turn him in, he took matters into his own hands and went into Jeff's apartment and tried to throw him over the balcony. The Police and his neighbors made it in time to save Jeff and capture Mr. Thorwald and convict him for his crimes.

Feminism In The 1950's vs Today's World Comparison

Today's World

1.Women are now able to freely decide what kind of career or job they would want to pursue. They do not have to worry about others judging them or forcing them to a certain job.

2.Today females are seen less like sex symbols compared to the 1950's. They have managed to rank up their status and gain more respect from the men.

3. Women are being payed just like the men or really closely depending on the job they are doing.


1.Women were not as free as they are in today's world, there are certain jobs and careers that they are not allowed to do or will have a really hard time trying to become. It was really hard for them to find a better job other than there simple task.

2.Females were seen as sex symbols in this time. They were always judged and being looked at because of there looks.

3. When women were working there pay was really low compared to the men. They would barely get enough money to help there families out.