Welcome New Stylist!

Top Tips to help you get started!

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We couldn't be more excited to welcome you!

Welcome! I am your upline Director Gina Bogda (and in some cases your sponsor too). I am so excited to welcome you to Stella & Dot and a member of our Golden Gems!

Stella & Dot was created by bold, joyful women to help all women style their lives as they see fit. Below we will share our top tips for new stylists and help you get started with your new business. We ask that you really put yourself all in and give this little company your best try. You might just find you are onto something really big!

You are officially in business. You are an entrepreneur and while you are in business for yourself, you are not by yourself. We work together as a team to help make everyone stronger. As Jessica Herrin shares, "Your new stylist investment would not even be enough for a manikin in a cute boutique". You are so much smarter as you just invested in a growing, soon to be billion dollar business. While our press is huge, we are simply tiny compared to the size we will be because of smart stylists just like you and irresistible product."

By now you have signed up as a new stylist, named your website and you likely have a long wish list of must have accessories. Our goal is to help you stay on course and work towards your goals and define your success. Make sure to take a look at the check list to follow and work with your sponsor and upline to help you get started. We are so excited to be your business partners.

Raising a glass and toasting your future success!
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4 goals for all new stylists!

  1. Order your 1st round of samples within the first 7 days!
  2. Start writing down your WHO DO YOU KNOW list! List all of your social circles and brainstorm EVERYONE you know.
  3. Announce your business to these folks above and figure out WHO from this list you are going to ask to be your DEBUT hostesses.
  4. Start digging through our online training in our Stella & Dot University (aka SDU)

More details below....

Meet your Leadership Team!

Our incredible Associate Directors!

A top leader in the Gem Fatale Gemstones

We are lucky enough to be under the leadership of Diamond Director, Tysh Mefferd, the first stylist (out of 2) to hit this top level of our company! Tysh lives in Galveston, TX (outside of Houston) with her husband Jon and three kids and is the top earner of our company who earned close to 1 million dollars last year! You will occasionally see emails from her, so wanted to ensure you know who she is and what our team lineage is. :)

Who Else Should You Know?

Our entire community! Meet our home office executive team and board of directors.
Friend them on facebook and follow them on twitter, pinterest and instagram.

Connect with stylists on our team and through out the Stella & Dot community. We all work together to help make each other better. You never have to recreate the wheel, simply borrow from other stylists and Stella & Dot.

We have fun!

Top Tips for new stylists!

  • Order your 1st round of jewelry samples
  • Set your Jump Start Goals!
  • Build a big Who do you Know List!
  • Announce your Business and get comfortable talking about your business!
  • Booking those shows! We target for 4 in your Jump Start (which can include your double dip show!)
  • Getting familiar with Stella & Dot University
  • Set and hold and New Stylist training with your Sponsor
  • Set a work schedule for your Stella & Dot business. Carving out to get familiar with your new business and prospecting for new shows by habit will bring you long term success!
  • Share the stylist opportunity with a friend!
  • Get to know the product and Prepare your display!
  • Update your business tools. Business cards, Social Media, Email Signature.
  • Do you have an iPad? Download the S&D App in Stylist Lounge as your personal assistant. Another favorite of mine is the Redstamp app!
  • Smile and have fun spreading style while you wear adorable accessories!
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I'm Open for Business! (FAQs)

Set up and Displays- You will find some great tips for your accessory display in SDU. Build out your collection as fast as possible and maximize your jumpstart benefits. It's up to you if you want to invest in Stella & Dot Displays and avoid shopping around for others. I do love our displays, but you can find some great other pieces in any craft store, Home Goods, etc. If you have to decide between jewelry or display pieces, pick JEWELRY and use a clean neutral table cloth and our cute boxes and signs to highlight your display. Your best display is her neck.

How many pieces do I need? A successful trunk show can have 7 pieces or 70 pieces. When you have fewer items your excitement and our beautiful look book are your best tools.

Business Cards- Check out the links in Stylist Lounge under Your Business and Marketing. StellaDotPrintShop and Vistaprint have great options. Hot Tip- No need for address field so use that space for other wording such as "Host a Show, Earn Free Accessories!" or "We're Growing! Ask me about the Stylist Opportunity!" You can also use mini-look books with your label as business cards! Carry them everywhere with you!

LABEL EVERYTHING with your Personal Website (PWS).

Update your email signatures and social media accounts to show that you are open for business. Want a gorgeous profession email signature? Head to the Lounge via this link and viola! http://lounge.stelladot.com/asset-library/marketing-materials/logos/stylist-signature

Create a "Who Do You Know List" and include everyone. They are all going to fit into your business as a Stylist, Hostess, Client or Referral Partner.

Stella & Dot University- Self teach and master the "Words to Say" while making them your own.

The Secret to Getting Ahead to Getting Started Guide- This magazine came in your starter kit. Open it up and use it. What a beautiful business plan!

Announce your Business in a LAUNCH e-mail: Send out an "I'm OPEN" email to everyone you know. Below is an example. Feel free to use this for inspiration but make it your own. You want it to sound like your voice not hers and mine:)

Sample Launch E-mail

Dear Friends & Family,

I am so excited to announce that I recently joined the incredible Stella & Dot team! Their boutique style jewelry line is sold exclusively through independent stylists at in-home jewelry shows, office shows, shopping events and online. From delicate and vintage-inspired to bold and chunky, there is something for everyone. Best of all, the pieces are very affordable with 50% of the line under $50! With jewelry, scarves, handbags, clutches, engravable pieces, sunglasses and more, there is something for every generation and personal style!

This young company is getting quite the buzz from both the Fashion & Business press! Stella & Dot has been featured in Vogue, Lucky, People & InStyle. You will frequently see Stella & Dot on TV shows, as well as business channels. We were named 52 of the 100 "fastest growing companies" in the US by Inc. 500 and our Creative Director received the "Rising Star Award" in Accessories from Fashion Group International. The company is booming and global—with 40,000+ jobs in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Northern Ireland - and for their $250 million payout. They’re just getting started! I also love the Stella & Dot Foundation, which has raised money for breast cancer, autism, maternal health and other incredible causes. Doing good looks good too!

If you would like to "HOST" your own fun show, I am scheduling my first debut hostesses now. Want to plan something? The shows are fun are easy. No formal icky presentations and the product ships directly to your guests. Stella & Dot hostesses earn free jewelry and shopping at 50% off as their Style Rewards for hosting. I'd love to plan one with you!


You can RSVP at the link here or even shop the show now by using this same online shopping link....

If you live too far or can't make it, my website is always open for business. You can shop online and view our complete collection at (INSERT YOUR WEBSITE)

Lastly, I think it would be a blast doing Stella & Dot with other women! If you or anyone you know wants to learn more about this fun, flexible & lucrative gig, I'd love to tell them more about Stella & Dot and have them join my team. We are in 6 countries and still growing. Thank you for helping me spread the word about this wonderful opportunity and thank you in advance for your support!

Warm regards,


Stella & Dot Independent Stylist


Email address


JUMPSTART your first 60 days!

Whatever your goal may be, I would always kick it up a notch during your first 60 days in Jumpstart? Why should you do this??

- You'll meet so many new customers that will lead to MORE future trunk shows!

- You'll earn $100's in FREE PRODUCT by doing more & cash bonuses too!

- You'll make your investment back super quick and you'll start earning profits!

- You'll have a BLAST !!!

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Dial into this week's new stylist calls/webinars lead by both Home Office and Gemstone Team Leaders!

Let's you and I set-up a New stylist training, either in person or over the phone! I cannot wait to help you make the most of Stella & Dot.

Home office led calls will be e-mailed to you every week. In addition, they can be found in the Stylist Lounge under the Training calendar in Stella & Dot University.

Below is the Gemstone Team Director- Led New Stylist training info as well!

Time: Monday evenings, 9pm EST

Dial in: 712.775.7035
Meeting ID: 292-828

Dial in to hear from one of the fabulous Director's on our Gemstones Team share top tips on getting started and how to rock your jumpstart!

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Getting Started Guide!

A great resource to get your business started is the amazing "Getting Started Guide" that comes in your Starter Kit or view the online version by clicking below This awesome booklet will walk you thru all the steps of booking, selling, and sponsoring and will help you navigate all the who, what, where, why, when and how's of your Stella & Dot business. If you have a question, most often the answer will be in the guide!
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Have more questions? Be sure to connect with your upline to set up some time to chat, role play, improve your book/sell/sponsor skills, and strategize to create tactics that will move your business to the next level.

Booking Trunk shows!

What is the Power of 4 Launch Plan? It's 4 trunk shows, in 4 different social circles in 4 weeks. Your first four trunk shows form the roots of a sustainable business that not only pays you well, but will allow you to build your business beyond friends and family. Being strategic about those first four shows and booking them in different social circles will allow you to meet future hostesses and even prospective stylists! Think about the people you'll meet at those first four trunk shows--you'll find repeat customers, new hostesses and prospective stylists that will join your team. After that, your business will have branched out beyond friends and family, and now things really start to get cooking!

Start by creating your "Who Do You Know List," and jot down 10 names in each social circle. When you start jotting down names, you'll be surprised at how many people you come up with! Think about those "low hanging fruit" hostesses--your mom, sister, best friend, etc., and get them down as one of your debut hostesses. Get dates on your calendar within 10-14 days with these "sure thing" hostesses.

Reach out to your prospective hostesses with a VERY PERSONAL message! Let them know why you think they would be a great hostess. Mention a few pieces that you think they would love!

It's been my experience that the more PERSONAL you are the better! Posting a mass message on Facebook that you are looking for hostesses or emailing a mass message, usually does not work. People do not feel obligated to get back to you.

When sending a personal warm email...follow up in a few days by CALLING and letting them know you would LOVE to offer them a fun hour of style!

Once your show is booked, head to the Lounge under MY TRUNK SHOWS. This incredible system allows you to book your shows and then reminds of your TRUNK SHOW CHECKLIST of things to do along the way. This is something you & your upline will talk about during New Stylist Training.

CHASE the NO! Did you know that for every 10 people you contact, only ONE will book! That's a LOT of no's, right?? Go for it!

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Sponsoring -- Bring a friend along!

You are ready and we are going to help you. It is so much fun to bring your friends along. Who would you love to have as business partners that you can chat with frequently, set goals together and enjoy the rewards of travel, fun and friendship? We'll be celebrating you at Lead Stylist, Senior Stylist and higher!

How do you have sponsoring conversations? Listen to great tips from the tip call recording-


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Stay Connected!

Let's Stay Connected!

  • Visit some of our Team facebook pages a few times a week. Join Zandra's Team Opals page and my Team Bogda "Golden Gems" page. Post, share, respond. This is your board room.
  • Go to local Stella & Dot Meet & Greets, New Stylist Trainings and Team Meetings. Your upline isn't local- no problem! All meetings are open to all stylists. Head to our EVENTS tab at any time to see things happening in your neck of the woods. http://stylewatch.stelladot.com/events/

Join our Facebook Page for the Gem Fatales Golden Gems!


We're here to help!

Your upline and your Golden Gems team are here to help you anytime! Feel free to text, call, or email with any questions. We are all in this together!

Welcome and GOOD LUCK!

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Your Golden Gems Leadership Team