By: Aaliyah Burns

How it Works:

Bio-ethanol is produced by corn and sugar cane. Then for it to become an actual bio-fuel, it has to be mixed with petrol. After the mixture is completed the percentage of bio-ethanol in the fuel is 10%, the rest of the 90% is petrol.


Bio-ethanol is...
-renewable fuel and can be replenished
-the most commonly produced bio-fuel in the world
-made from corn and sugar cane


-Bio-ethanol can't be used as a fuel on its own without petrol
-if we were to add more bio-ethanol we would have to change the design of car engines
-bio-fuel causes motorists to drive fewer miles compared to normal fuel

Did you Know?

50% less greenhouse gas emissions compared with their fossil fuel equivalent has been found. Also bio-ethanol has been blamed for driving up the price of corn and other grains in developing countries. Many people are worried that people who work on sugar cane plantations are forced to work in unhealthy conditions, and may be using child labor.