Earthquakes facts

According to the article earthquakes are really dangerous to us. One fact about earthquakes is the rate in a earthquake in magnitude which they get a lot of energy during a quake. The second fact is in Chile there was the largest earthquake which was 9.5 in may 22, 1960. The 3 fact is that in the article it said that the know deadliest earthquake was in China in 1556 that killed 830,000 people i feel so bad for them. The 4 fact is that there are 10,000 earthquakes a year in Souther California which some are very few felt. The last fact is Alaska has the record for the U.S. earthquakes on march 28, 1964 a magnitude 9.2 quake (national geographic kids 2015). Here are some facts about earthquakes so that means earthquakes are bad so make plans if one comes.

it is scary when an earthquake comes

it is like when it comes the ground moves and

you can hear it and you can feel it

so the earth's crust is about 20 pieces

and it can move around when it moves and

collides with other pieces it can make landslides,

tsunamis,flooding which happens in popular places like

New York city. The largest earthquake was about 9.5 mananiture

which happened in May 22, 1960 in Chile. The deadliest earthquake was in

1556 in china which killed 830,000 people if feel bad for those people.

The most earthquakes happen 50 miles down into the ground below the surface

but The big earthquakes happen as to 400 miles deep below the surface. So if you have a earthquake get out of there and be safe if you do get everything to get to a better place

like food,water,if you have pets dog food, more water and also stuff that you can sleep in and a blanket. Just be safe if one comes plz thank you.