Last Cougar Chronicle '16

June 6-8, 2016

Have you?

~Have you grouped your awards and read through (including all "clicks") the Awards Day Smore?

~Have you double checked to see when you signed up to do extra duty/bus ride this week?

~Have you taken a moment to reflect on what a great class of students you have had this year?

~Have you started cleaning, packing, weeding through all of the items you haven't used these past few years and made plans for discarding them? (Storage space is limited ;) )

~Have you checked the calendar to see what exact time your awards day is? AND notified your parents?

~Have you arranged for your students to wear their dog tags during the awards ceremonies?

~Have you made plans to attend the fifth grade night on Tuesday, June 7 @6pm?

Have you looked at the calendar???? CLICK on "CALENDAR" to the left to be taken directly to your own personal google calendar where MCES calendar should also be displayed.

Have you?

Have you?

~~~~~I'm also resending the AWARDS day SMORE to help you in your planning for that assembly. See email from Mrs. Lolli on Friday, too.

This Week...

~No SPECIALS this week; Monday is field day and PEAK trip for some in grade 5

~Awards - CandyAwards (take a lot of pictures on your iPad, share and send some our way when you do this so we can Tweet them out!)

~Last Day of School Dance Schedule - come to the gym if you want to!

Lunches are on a different schedule with field day for PreK on Monday, 6/6.

10:25 Grade 1 (10:25 Pearson, 10:30 Rocco, 10:35 Phillips, 10:40 Kayga)

10:45 Grade 2 (10:45 Mr. Dula, 10:50 Wiseman, 11:00 Smith, 11:05 Matthews)

Field day begins at 12:00

11:00 Grade 3 (11:00 Winters, 11:05 Duvall, 11:10 Thomas, 11:15 Conley, 11:20 Mull)

11:30 Grade 4 (11:30 Crawley, 11:35 Epley, 11:40 Prevette)

11:45 Grade K (11:50 Gant, 11:55 Fox, 12:00 Towery, 12:05 Rios)

12:05 Grade PK (12:05 Sizemore, 12:10 Poteat)

12:15 Grade 5 (12:15 Lail, 12:20 Icard, 12:30 Randall)

These are bag lunches and can be eaten in the classroom.