∆ Giorgione ∆

Ω By: Sean Demeritt Ω

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Three Philosophers

About The work

The Three Philosophers was created in 1509. It can be found in Vienna Austria in the Kunsthisorisches Museum. This piece shows off Giorgione's amazing ability to create shadows and lightings in the painting. I found this piece interesting because it uses a mix of vibrant and muted colors without a lot of contrast.


In the Middle Ages most artists drew pictures of holy figures and places. With the growth of humanism during the Renaissance more artists created images of people. This painting of 3 philosophers is an example of painters focusing more on humans, not holy figures


Giorgione Was born in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy in 1477. He spent most of his life in or around Venice Italy as an apprentice


Giorgione grew up very humble and poor. At the age of 13 he became and apprentice to master painter Giovanni Bellini. Under Giovanni Giorgione became knows for his ability to add lighting and shadows into his work.