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Holy Smokes!

Despite the lose of one day last week, we still managed to get a lot of stuff done in class! We learned all about the past history and geography of Japan. In addition, we learned a tad about the brief history and partial geography of Korea; soon to be all learned in the upcoming week. It was made clear to us how the feudal system worked in Japan, the line up to it, and the trading relationships they had with other countries.


Things We Did...

This week was mainly focused on Japan; geography and history. We learned all about the trading relationships Japan had with not only the US, but all other big trading countries too. We learned this information in an article called, "The United States Demands that Japan Open Its Ports to Trade".


Although we did not get far in note taking, we learned so far that Korea is on a Peninsula. There is two regions divided into North and South Korea. The border of the country is actually located on the 38th Parallel. Otherwise from that information, we learned about the history of Korea; to be furtherly continued into the next week.