Technology Thursdays

April 14

Google Tips

Google - Using more than one account in Chrome

This is a great tip if you switch between your school account and another account on your machine. It allows you to have different profiles going at the same time, each with its' own bookmarks, extensions, apps, etc.

Look for the button in the upper right hand side of your chrome screen. It should say your name. Click on your name and choose "Switch person."

Big image
Big image
A new window will pop open with that profile's bookmark's, extensions, etc.

Expiration Date on Documents

You can now set on expiration date for when documents are no longer shared for comments or viewing. After that date the specified people no longer have access.

Click on the Share button and choose "Advanced."

Next to the person you want to set the expiration time - hover your mouse until you see the clock - click on the clock.

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Date choices are 7 days, 30 days and Custom Date where you can choose from the calendar the exact date you want.

Save Changes and the expiration time is set.