Jacobs News

By: Jacob Byrnes

Article 1

During spring break I played many video games. Probably too many video games. We had family over a few times. On Easter we held a lunch for distant family members. We had ham and a lot of other side dishes.

Family from both sides of my family were there. On Monday me and my dad and sister drove to the wildlife sanctuary. My family sometimes goes to see the animals and feed the geese/ducks. It's always something my sister brings up and wants to do.

Article 2

Bay view middle always has a mid quarter incentive and an end of quarter incentive. The are always different throughout the year. They range from bowling to taking pictures of certain objects school grounds. They are normally fun but not everyone has the same opinion. Some students don't get to participate because they get disqualified.

The students who get disqualified are the students who get a certain amounts of debits, office referrals, or late assignments. These students miss out on the incentives for the middle and end of quarters. Every quarter the disqualification goes away so they have a chance to go. But these students keep getting disqualified.

Article 3

Many people feel that homework is something that is un-needed and vice versa. Homework can be very helpful for some people but for others they just see it as a hassle. Things like homework are meant for practice. They do help students with practicing or getting better but some others could argue.

If a student does not get their assignments done they might have to go to noon or some other form of detention. People see this as unfair or not necessary because homework isn't graded and therefor shouldn't be important enough to get punished for not doing. Students are held after school or during lunch to finish assignments.