Lewis Ledger - Week 1

July 29, 2018

Sunny Heights is where everyone is valued and respected. Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning in a student-centered, family friendly environment.

1st Day of the Year!

It is here, the start of the 2018-2019 school kicks off tomorrow morning when our students arrive! I am very excited about the momentum, focus, and sense of urgency we have going into this school year. The hard work, commitment, and collegiality shown during our opening day meetings was inspiring and has filled me with great pride to be leading this amazing team of professionals. Welcome ALL to OUR HEIGHTS!! Have a great start to the year, I know you will!


Shout Out to the great collaboration and work put in during our time on Friday together. We have begun the change that will make us great. Tough conversations lead to bringing out the best in what we can do as a TEAM!

Shout Out to Jennifer Rogers for putting together the McCalister's spud lunch. Potatoes, cheese, and bacon...oh my!

Shout Out to Sandy Padgett for organizing the staff luncheon at Olive Garden. The pictures of our staff together was powerful, especially the huge number. I hope that is just the beginning of many opportunities for our staff to continue strengthening our relationships!

Shout Out to Greg Butler for coming in on Sunday to get the trash overflow out in time for the early morning pick up!

Shout Out to everyone that has been working so hard to prepare their rooms as well as help new staff be prepared for welcoming our students tomorrow!


A great Big WELCOME to the newest members of our TEAM!

Lindsay McCraner - Music

Iran Daniels - Guest Teacher in Art

Many of you were able to meet Lindsay on Friday, if you did not, feel free to stop in the music room and say hi. Iran will be joining us in the morning!

Data Blast

As of Friday afternoon, there were 465 students enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year. We all know that number will change and grow throughout the year. Just think, we have the power to help 465 plus students learn and grow just this year. We have 465 relationships to build and 465 children to inspire to do great things. Let's GO!!

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance - Click on the link to see a view of this week's events

Staff Focus and Action Items

Teacher Contract Time - Adjustments were made to the teacher contract day at the end of last year. The regular teacher day is 8:20 am to 3:50 pm. Extended days for PD are on Wednesdays of full weeks only (see PD calendar below). Teacher contract time on PD Wednesdays is 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Professional Development Calendar - The link to the PD Calendar for this year can be found here. The bold sessions are district driven PD, all other sessions are building driven. Session topics/focus are subject to change based on our building needs.

Classroom Furniture FINAL NOTICE- There are tables/chairs in the 4th grade pod and outside the STEM room if you need additional furniture for your class. I will be sending the extra to the warehouse next week.

Safety & Security - Officer Brandon Pounds will be the WPD officer assigned to Sunny Heights Elementary. He will be stationed at Stonybrook Middle School (next door), but will be a presence at Sunny Heights as well.

Building Hours - The building access hours for Sunny Heights are listed below. If you are in the building outside of the set time range, the alarms will go off and our school will be charged a fee for a false run. PLEASE adhere to these times (for many reasons)!

Weekdays: 5:00AM - 11:45PM

Weekends: 9:00AM - 5:30PM

Tier I Classroom PBIS - Continue to review the PBIS Tier I information shared last week (I know it was a lot). Reach out to the committee for questions or clarification. It is very important that we commit to the process and provide consistency for EVERYONE. We will see the results that we are striving for if everyone is committed to being part of the TEAM!

One-on-Ones - I will be sharing a schedule with everyone to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss your focus and goals for the year.

Visuals - Teamwork Part 1

"Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Big picture