Perch Party

Perch Dissection Pre-AP Biology- Panos Kontoyiannis

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Perca Flavescens

The perch is in the phylum Animalia and genus Perca. The perch is classified as a bony fish and lives in aquatic environments. The perch feeds on invertebrates, shrimp and fish eggs as an adult while during youth it consumes zooplankton. The predators of the perch include trout, pike, bass and other lake fish.

Today's Objective

Students will be learning about the internal and external anatomy of the perch. Students also will be learning about the circulatory system of the perch.

Perch Cladogram

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Circulatory System

The circulatory system of a Perch consists of a 2 chambered heart;1 atrium and 1 ventricle, arteries, gills, veins and capillaries. The blood flows from the heart to the gills and back. The blood is oxygenated at the gills and flows back through the rest of the body supplying oxygen to the body.
Perch Dissection