My Role Models:-)

By: Brianna Bosilikwa

My Mother:-)

The Reason Why My Mother Is Such A Huge Role Model, Is Because She Has Been Through Almost EVERYTHING In Her Life, And Still Til This Day She Is Standing Proudly With Her Head Up. She's A Amazing,Lovely,Careful,Confident Woman I Have Ever Met!


He's A Lyrical Poetic Rapper, And I Look Up To Him Because, He's Not A Typical Rapper Who Raps About Nothing, He's Raps About His Life, and Came From Nothing To Something, And To Pursue Your Dreams.

My Grandma

This Elder Right Here Is My Grandmother. She's Went From Having Really NOTHING And Racism To Accomplishing Of Being A Nurse And Having 7 Kids And Able To Support Each And Every One Of Them, By Herself. My Grandpa Is In My Life, But They're Working On It :D

Cierra Lauren

The Reason Why I Look Up To Her So Much Is Because She's The BEST Hip Hop Dancer Out There, And She's Been Hip Hop Dancing Since She Was 6 Year's Old! And Has Been Back Up Dancer's For Plenty Of Famous People


There's A Very Awkward Reason Why I Look Up To Him. Minus The Tattooos And All The Profanity He Speaks. I Like That All Of That He Actually Means Something, He's Real And Honest ANd His Music Speaks About His Life. And How He Started From The Bottom, And Now He's Way At The Top. And Still Respects Where He's From.