come settle in texas!!!

by: madison blain

history about the settlement!!!

The picture of Moses Austin ( Stephen F. Austin father)- Moses Austin was engaged in mining, smelting, and manufacturing of lead. When there was failure in the Austin business in Missouri. He investigated opportunities for a new settlement in Texas. He went to san Antonio to apply for a grant of land and permission to settle 300 families in Texas. After Moses sudden death Stephen decided to proceed what his father wanted which is to continue to build the colony.

The picture of the Mexicans banning the Anglos from their land-

Mexicans banned Anglos for many reasons:

* one reason was because Mexicans were against slavery but Anglos wanted slavery.

* because of the Anglos religions

websites i used to find some lf my infomation :)

Https:// (to search up Moses Austin)

And most of my other information came from worksheets I have.